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Camper Van San Francisco
Exploring San Francisco and Its Surroundings by Campervan

Traveling by campervan offers unparalleled freedom to explore a region at your own pace. San Francisco and its surroundings are perfect for this kind of adventure. With iconic urban landscapes, majestic national parks, and the stunning California coastline, this journey promises a wealth of discoveries. Whether you’re a fan of nature, culture, or gastronomy, San Francisco and its region have a plethora of activities and sites to discover. San Francisco, renowned for its hilly terrain and steep streets, presents some challenges for those traveling by campervan. It’s advisable to plan your route in advance to avoid narrow or steep streets. ... Read more Read more

Planning your trip to Morocco
Preparing Your Trip to Morocco: 15 Practical Tips Before You Depart

Morocco, with its climate, currency, budgeting, transportation, accommodations, precautions, and more, offers a wealth of practical aspects every traveler should know before embarking on a journey to discover its wonders. Is Morocco an Easy Destination? For solo travelers, Morocco is an excellent destination for beginners, thanks to its well-developed infrastructure (transportation, accommodations), ease of communication, and relatively low risks. It’s a top choice for a first international trip away from home. Entry Requirements for Morocco For a tourist stay of less than three months, all Europeans citizens and several other nationalities need a passport valid for at least six months ... Read more Read more

India Uncharted: A Journey Beyond the Beaten Path

India, a land steeped in history, spirituality, and natural beauty, often summons images of bustling markets, majestic palaces, and serene landscapes. Yet, beyond these well-trodden paths lies an India less explored, where the rhythm of life moves to a different beat. This journey is for the curious traveler seeking experiences untouched by the typical tourist trail. From the remote valleys of the North to the undiscovered beaches of the South, let’s embark on an expedition to the India that exists off the map. The Hidden Valleys of the Himalayas In the shadow of the snow-capped Himalayas lie valleys that time ... Read more Read more

Indian Visa
India: A Guide to Visas and Entry Formalities

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Iceland: A Tale of Three Cities Beyond the Ice

Iceland, a land known for its dramatic landscapes, also boasts cities that are as captivating as its natural wonders. Far from being mere stopovers on the way to the next waterfall or volcano, Reykjavik, Akureyri, and Húsavík each offer a unique urban charm set against the backdrop of Iceland’s wild beauty. This journey through Iceland’s three main cities will reveal the cultural heartbeat, innovative spirit, and quiet allure that define this Nordic island nation. Reykjavik: The Colorful Heart of Iceland Reykjavik, the world’s northernmost capital, blends quirky architecture, vibrant street art, and a lively cultural scene into a compact city ... Read more Read more

Kuala Lumpur
Unveiling the Architectural Majesty of Kuala Lumpur: A Journey Through Design and Urban Innovation

Kuala Lumpur, a city where the past and the future coexist in a mesmerizing architectural symphony, offers a unique journey through its urban landscape. This metropolis, nestled in the heart of Malaysia, is not just a destination; it’s an experience, woven with the threads of architectural marvels and urban design that tell stories of cultural heritage and futuristic visions. Let’s embark on a discovery of Kuala Lumpur’s architectural grandeur and urban design, exploring the facets that make this city a canvas of innovation and tradition. The Historical Foundations: A Glimpse into Kuala Lumpur’s Architectural Past Kuala Lumpur’s architectural journey begins ... Read more Read more

Reykjavik: Culture, History, and Art

The Pulse of Iceland’s Capital: An Urban AdventureReykjavik, the northernmost capital of the world, is more than just a gateway to Iceland’s dramatic landscapes. This city is a vibrant blend of old and new, where historical buildings rub shoulders with contemporary design and culture thrives in every corner. Visitors can start their journey at the heart of the city, where the iconic Hallgrimskirkja church stands tall. This architectural marvel, visible from almost anywhere in the city, offers panoramic views from its tower, providing a unique perspective on Reykjavik’s colorful houses and the surrounding mountains and sea. A Deep Dive into ... Read more Read more



where to go in winterIn Europe, the cold, the rain, the low temperatures and short sunny periods do not encourage travelling. The better destinations include the ski resorts in the Alps and the Pyrenees (France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Spain) or for those who feel the cold more Andalusia still has reasonable sunshine.

In Asia the season is still favourable for visitors! Thailand, Vietnam, southern China (the north however can still be icy at this time), Burma and India are still sunny with reasonable temperatures and less tourists during this time.

In Africa the north is still cool, good for discovering the Sahara but not recommended for those wishing to visit the beaches. Towards the south, in Kenya, Tanzania or South Africa, the high season is starting but with a risk of excessive heat on the east coast.

In America, we would suggest Central America, South America and the Caribbean (for example: Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile). The U.S. deserts are still pleasant at this time before the scorching summer heat arrives.

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For skiers, the French and Spanish Pyrenees have plenty of small family ski resorts with good snow and reasonable prices even during the festive season.

Southern Australia will certainly satisfy those with a taste for adventure down under as it's entering its summer season. The ideal time for surfing, swimming and meeting the koalas, emus and opossums, not forgetting the famous laughing kookaburra.

Between those two destinations we find Senegal; a stopover warmed as much by the weather as the smiles and sunny dispositions of the people.


where to go in springIn Europe, the weather is becoming favourable for travelling: The amount of sunshine is increasing steadily throughout the continent; the Mediterranean coast is starting to benefit from warm temperatures and the sea is becoming pleasant for swimming. For certain countries in the south, such as Spain and Greece, spring is the best time to visit: Neither too hot or too crowded with tourists. Andalusia, Crete, Malta and the south of Italy are good choices right now. Northern countries are becoming appealing although still a little cool. The Scandinavian countries boast endless days and holidays without nights right now!

In Asia, the weather is becoming far less agreeable: Heat waves are starting to be experienced in numerous countries. India, Thailand and Burma are extremely hot right now, enough to cause hundreds of deaths each year. China and Japan are more welcoming even if conditions are still a little trying at times. The monsoon season will settle in towards the end of spring across this area with the exception of only a few areas such as Indonesia or Tamil Nadu in India. It's a great season for visiting Australia or the southern islands of Indonesia.

In Africa, this season is ideal for the countries of the Maghreb which are experiencing sunny weather with pleasant temperatures, like all the Mediterranean countries. In the extreme south, daylight hours are starting to diminish although the weather is still pleasant.

In America, we would suggest North America or Central America down to northern Brazil, basking in warm sunshine at present at the beginning of a pleasant climatic period. California, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala and Venezuela are definitely worth considering at this time. The further south you go the more the season tends towards southern winter, often very humid.

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If you wish to visit Europe, go to Portugal and enjoy summertime temperatures with a refreshing Atlantic breeze, or visit Scotland which is rarely as beautiful and warm as it is during spring in the month of May.

If you dream of tropical destinations then Reunion should satisfy your desires for summer weather and exoticism.

A little closer to Europe but also somewhat different in character, it is a great time to venture inland near the deserts at Tozeur in Tunisia or visit the Jordan valley just before the scorching heat of summer, it is currently experiencing warm sunshine with noticeably absent rain.


where to go in SummerIn Europe, it's the height of the peak season! Millions of holidaymakers from around the world invade the beaches and countryside of Southern Europe. The climate is great for travel for just about the whole of the continent with just a few areas effected by extreme heat (Andalusia, Southern Italy, Greece etc..)

The north of Europe is lovely, summer is the ideal time to visit those countries that are generally considered a little cold and damp such as Ireland, Scotland or Holland.

In Asia, this season is considered the least favourable: The monsoon season is at its height over the majority of this area with the exception of only a few countries (Kerala or Tamil Nadu in India, Bali and the southern islands of Indonesia, the north of Australia etc...). Everywhere else a hot, moist and very humid climate prevails.

In Africa, the Maghreb countries are invaded by tourists, the climate is hot (sometimes extremely hot close to the desert) and dry, the Atlantic coast of Morocco is pleasant thanks to the ocean influence. Further to the south it is the rainy season and it is only along the latitudes of Kenya and Tanzania that the climate becomes favourable to visitors.

In America, the north is generally hot and dry (sometimes extremely hot in the deserts towards the west of the USA). Central America experiences a short rainy season at this time but towards the south the conditions are more favourable.

For all the continents, September is generally the best choice: The end of the monsoons, no more heat waves, less tourists and lower prices. Don't hesitate to take your holidays in September when there are only advantages.

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Corsica is perfect right now for those looking for paradisiacal beaches with turquoise water, although close to mainland Europe it will feel like you are on the other side of the globe!

It is a great time to discover northern Europe, particularly somewhere such as Iceland where the sun does not set during this period.

For those wishing to go down under, Australia is great right now. The sea may be a little cool for swimming but the weather is still very pleasant and you could even go skiing in the south where it is right in the middle of its winter season!


where to go in AutumnIn Europe, during the beginning of autumn, Mediterranean destinations are still pleasant: The south coast of Turkey, southern Italy and Spain as well as the southern Mediterranean islands (Cyprus, Crete and certain Greek islands). Towards the end of autumn it will be more difficult to find sunny destinations in Europe.

In Asia, the best season is just starting! From the month of October, Thailand, Vietnam and the south of China or India will be very welcoming with a climate that is once again very pleasant now the monsoon period is easing.

In Africa, the north is also very enjoyable with temperatures easing after the summer heat waves. The inland towns of Morocco, the Tunisian desert and Egypt are seeing a lessening in the number of tourists and a pleasant but not overwhelming heat. More towards the south, Senegal, Madagascar and South Africa are entering a sunny period.

In America, we would recommend Central America, South America and the Caribbean where the rainy season is coming to a close (for example; Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile). The end of autumn is also a great time to visit Death Valley and the deserts of the United States.

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Turkey is a very pleasant destination at this time of the year after the high temperatures of summer, especially if you wish to visit other areas than the coast.

Cyprus with its Mediterranean climate offers you warm temperatures even in October.

If you would prefer visiting some Asian countries then India is entering into its tourist season, Mumbai and Calcutta have excellent climatic conditions right now.

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