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Rwanda : When and where to go?

Covid-19 situation: Borders are open to some countries, no quarantine imposed, the country currently applies partial containment. Not required. (Read more…)

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Rwanda: Climate & Weather

The climate is of the equatorial type, but the altitude of a good part of the country makes it more temperate. Two seasons of rain punctuate the year: one that lasts from September to December, and another one from March to May.

On the temperature side, they are rather pleasant and do not vary during the year, the thermometer displaying 30 ° C during the day and 15 ° C during the night. The best time to visit the country is between June and September.


Weather today

max. 25 °C
min. 16 °C

Wind: 1 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 10,7 mm
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Data updated at 02:33 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Mostly Cloudy 18.2 °C / Mostly Cloudy

Rwanda: Map

Rwanda : maps

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What to do in Rwanda

You will be able to begin by discovering the capital, Kigali, through a walk in its old town, the district of Nyamirambo, the cathedral of Saint-Michel, the mosque Masjid Medina, but also the memorial dedicated to the genocide, the cemetery of Heroes, The house of Richard Kandt, founder of the city in the early 20th century, which became the Museum of Natural History.

Another important city, Butare, the cultural center of the country, where you will visit several museums, such as the National Museum, the Museum of Traditions, and the historical site of the feudal monarchy (Nyabisindu site).

The Volcano National Park, to the north, houses the Virunga chain with its 7 volcanoes: it offers magnificent landscapes, giving the possibility to observe the Beringei gorillas by approaching them only a few meters away. Nearby is Lake Kivu, with beaches such as Kibuye, Gisenyi and Cyangugu. Near the latter, you will see cotton and tea crops. Also visit the Ndaba falls tumble 100 meters high and the hot springs of Nyakabuye.

Do not miss Akagera National Park, to the east, with all its lakes, and its very diverse fauna: lions, monkeys, leopards, antelopes, elephants, buffaloes, zebras, rhinoceroses, but also 540 species of birds . To discover an exceptional flora, explore the primary forest of Nyungwe, a jungle with millennial trees, where hundreds of species of orchids grow: it also harbors many species of primates.

Rwanda: The basics

A visa is required to enter the country.

The current currency is the Rwandan franc (RWF).

By plane, you will arrive at Kanombe airport, 12 km from Kigali city center. To move around the country, it is advisable to use a 4X4, given the state of the roads. Minibuses link important cities. In cities, the motorcycle taxi is convenient and very affordable.

Budget: Accommodation and food are not expensive but plan a larger budget for park tours, especially if you want to approach the gorillas. Same for car rentals.

Health: It is recommended to be vaccinated against meningitis in addition to conventional vaccinations. It is also mandatory to be vaccinated against yellow fever to enter the country. Drink only bottled water.

Safety: Be vigilant and avoid crowd gatherings. Respect the law of the country well, because the repression of the offenders is severe. Do not approach the border with the DRC.

Shopping: You will find on the different markets very beautiful objects in colorful basketry, fabrics like wax, or "tie and dye" with its beautiful gradations of colors, or even paintings.


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