These things you may not know about the world’s flags

flags on green grass field near brown concrete building during daytime

Flags are everywhere and for everything. Countries, regions, cities, international bodies, various organizations, political and societal movements and many other things for which it has sometimes become a commercial emblem or a claim symbol. For all tastes and in all fields… Without making the tour of all the flags or all that has a flag, here are some things that you do not necessarily know about the flags of the countries of the world. When were the first flags created? According to historians, the first cloth flags similar to the present ones would have appeared in China about two millennia … Read more

Twelve easily accessible places to visit around London

If for many people the discovery of England is limited to a trip to London, the region of the capital has many other places of interest. Whether it’s cities like Oxford or Cambridge, to mention only the most famous, or nature spots allowing to escape from the London atmosphere for a while… What to do, visit and where to go on a trip around the city of London? Within a radius of a hundred kilometers around London… BeaconsfieldIt is in this town west of London that you can visit the oldest miniature park in the world: Bekonscot. The place is … Read more

Where to go on a trip in November? 5 ideas of destinations close by and still pleasant

Temperatures are pleasant and airfare and hotel prices are generally lower than in high season. Here are our favorite travel destinations to go in November. Where to go in November to get some sun? In Europe, it is mainly the destinations of the south of the Mediterranean basin that will still offer you a reasonable amount of sunshine: Crete, Andalusia, Sicily, Malta are all destinations to study. Outside Europe, November is mainly the beginning of a very pleasant season to discover Asia and especially South-East Asia: Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia are at their best in November: not too hot, not … Read more

Laos trip in video

Although close to destinations like Vietnam or Thailand, Laos is very different from them. The country is indeed less crowded and the people more “relaxed” and smiling. In short, according to the widely accepted concept, the place is “more authentic”! This is the reason why Laos is still (a little) off the beaten track, with sometimes limited or “rustic” infrastructures and transports, and that it is not always very easy to travel there if you have little experience in the matter. Departure for this country of the end of the world… About the video:This video is from the program Beautiful … Read more

Twelve places to visit around Lisbon

Beyond the tourist wealth of the Portuguese capital, the Lisbon region also has a beautiful historical and cultural heritage to discover in several small towns. In addition, the coastline and the beaches are much less crowded than on the southern coast of the country.So, why not take advantage of this and plan many excursions during your trip to Lisbon…? What to do, where to go and what to visit around the city of Lisbon ? Within a radius of a hundred kilometers around the city… AlmadaAfter crossing the 25th of April Bridge, recognizable by its Golden Gate Bridge look, you … Read more

A cruise in Antarctica, the best way to discover the South Pole


Antartica, also called the southern continent, is the southernmost area of the planet, located around the South Pole. Antarctica is made up of a main island and secondary archipelagos, where you can find ice barriers and walls, rocks, a high mountain range, an active volcano (Erebus), subglacial lakes and glaciers. This destination is still not very open to tourism, but it can be the occasion of a very spectacular trip, even if very expensive. Despite its extreme conditions, this trip will undoubtedly leave you with incomparable memories. When to go to Antarctica ? During the southern winter (March to September), … Read more

Vercors, Chartreuse, Écrins, Vanoise, a paradise for hikers

Where are these four natural parks in the Alps and what to do ? The ChartreuseBetween Isère and Savoie, here is one of the great and beautiful parks of the Alps. You can practice hiking, canyoning, caving and skiing. The EcrinsStraddling the Hautes-Alpes and the Isère, this superb natural site has many high peaks and glaciers. It shelters populations of chamois, ibex and occasionally wolves. Logically, we practice skiing, mountaineering and hiking. The VanoiseBordering Italy, this national park offers beautiful mountain scenery, hiking opportunities and several ski resorts. The VercorsOn the Drôme and the Isère, the Vercors massif is a … Read more

What is the “Pacific Northwest”, this other world?

What is the Pacific Northwest? The Pacific Northwestwhich can be translated into French as Pacific Northweste, is the name given to this region in the northwest of the American continent, facing the Atlantic Ocean. Where is the “Pacific Northwest”? More precisely the Pacific Northwest runs from northern California to southern Alaska, including a large portion of the Canadian province of British Columbia and a small part of the Yukon. Which American states make up this part of the United States? Generally speaking, especially in terms of tourism, it is considered that in the United States the Pacific Northwest concerns Idaho, … Read more

which island to choose for your vacations ?

You have decided to go on vacation in the Mediterranean, rather on a large island of its eastern facade. Crystal clear waters, idleness, sun, history, culture and change of scenery. And as is often the case, there are two destinations that seem to stand out from the crowd and on which to hesitate. The Republic of Cyprus (south) or Crete, so what to choose? For a nature and adventure trip Crete The sea, the mountains and especially beautiful gorges like those of Samaria, which are for many among the most remarkable in Europe, are on the program of Crete. The … Read more

Journey in the unknown Italy, the Aosta Valley in video

It is not the first place you think of when you talk about Italy. So much so that the name and the region may be unknown to some. However, this valley surrounded by mountains bordering France contains some natural treasures with their lots of outdoor activities and a very specific culture that has nothing to do with the rest of the country. And French is the official language as well as Italian. Departure for this unknown part of Italy… About the video:This video is from the program Beautiful escapes broadcast on France5 since 2006. Its goal is to take viewers … Read more