Traveling with Family in Morocco: A Guide for the Adventurous Clan

Landscape with Koutoubia Mosque at sunset time, Marrakesh, Morocco

Morocco, often hailed as an idyllic family vacation destination, is particularly welcoming to those traveling with young children. The country’s well-developed infrastructure and breathtaking landscapes, coupled with its rich diversity and uniqueness, promise an enjoyable experience for all ages. What’s more, in Morocco, children are treasured, and traveling as a family can open doors and pave the way for warm interactions with the locals. Choosing Family-Friendly Destinations in Morocco While Morocco is generally an accessible destination, not all areas are equally suited for family exploration. It’s advisable to steer clear of the remote Grand South and Western Sahara, as well … Read more

Discover Madagascar in 18 natural parks

trees near pathway during daytime

Madagascar, nature destination If there is a destination synonymous with nature, it is Madagascar! The country, bathed by the Indian Ocean, is indeed very rich in exceptional natural areas since it is home to 18 national parks and about thirty land or marine reserves. Moreover, since 2007, six sites (Andohahela, Andringitra, Marojejy, Masoala, Ranomafana and Zahamena) are even classified as World Heritage by UNESCO under the label “Wet forests of the Atsinanana. The whole, except some private parks like Berenty, is managed by Madagascar National Park. The most beautiful parks and reserves in the north of Madagascar Andasibe-Mantadia National Park … Read more