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Cyprus : When and where to go?

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Cyprus: Climate & Weather

The climate here is definitely Mediterranean: Hot dry summers with occasional heat waves, gentle and warm inter-seasons, cooler winters marked by more frequent rainfall with snow on the mountains.

The sea water is sufficiently warm to be comfortable for bathing between April and November.

There is not one particular time that is better than another for visiting this island although autumn and spring will enable you to benefit from warm but moderate temperatures with lovely sunshine.


Weather today

Partly Cloudy
max. 27 °C
min. 19 °C

Wind: 8 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
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Data updated at 10:44 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Partly Cloudy 26.6 °C / Partly Cloudy

Cyprus: Map

Cyprus : maps

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What to do in Cyprus

Still separated in two by the ‘green line’, this county is rich in numerous treasures: a variety of landscapes, castles and monasteries, beautiful nature, and smiling Cypriots. They will all help you forget that this island is separated into two parts, the Turkish part to the North and the Greek part to the South.

Nicosia, the Capital, is right on the separation line. The old town, surrounded by ramparts, has various places of interest: The Leventis Municipal Museum, The Byzantine Museum, the Saint John Cathedral with its frescoes, the Kyrenia Gate, the Selimiye Mosque and the famous Büyük Hammam. You can visit the Turkish part with a day visa.

The sea resort of Paphos is worth a detour, even if only for the mosaics.

The region of Troodos in the south will seduce you with its mountains and numerous hiking paths by which you will discover ancient monasteries and lost villages.

Visit the Akamas Peninsula with its splendid wildlife, the sea resort of Polis in its magnificent setting, Kolossi Castle in the south surrounded by citrus plantations, the town of Farangusta with its many churches and most especially the archaeological site of Salamine where you will find many things to surprise you.

Cyprus: The basics

Flights serve the south of the island but you can also get here by boat from Greece.
No visa is required for European citizens.

The currency in circulation is the Euro.
The budget required is fairly average: Lodging will cost around €40 a night and a good meal less than €20.

There are no specific health precautions necessary, protect yourself from the sun and beware of vipers if you go hiking.

To travel internally, buses are frequent and inexpensive but they are not available on Sundays. Collective taxis are a good backup.


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