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Grenada : When and where to go?

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Grenada: Climate & Weather

The dry season lasts from December to May while the rainy season runs from June to November. During the rainy season, precipitation is frequent and temperatures around 29 ° C, with occasional, but rarely, cyclones.

It is more pleasant to visit the archipelago during the dry season when the weather is sunny, but not too hot.


Weather today

Light Rain
max. 29 °C
min. 26 °C

Wind: 7 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 2,5 mm
> Full report and 7-days forecast
Data updated at 18:39 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Partly Cloudy 28.8 °C / Partly Cloudy

Grenada: Map

Grenada : maps

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What to do in Grenada

There are many sites to discover in the archipelago.

On the island of Grenada, Concord Falls gathers three waterfalls at the edge of the forest. A path will lead you a little higher up to the national park of Grand Etang. Take a stroll through Saint-Georges, the capital, with its pretty port full of boats, forts, colonial buildings and a typical colorful market.

You will visit the National Museum, and you will climb to Fort Frederick to admire the panorama of all beauty. Go to Gouyave, a fishing port where the nutmeg processing plant is to be visited, as well as a traditional plantation that you will discover with pleasure. Also recommend: Lake Antoine surrounded by organic bananas, and the nearby distillery of rum, with its mill to grind the cane mu by a water wheel; Grenville and its processing center for nutmeg.

On the island of Carriacou, you will appreciate the beautiful landscapes of soft hills, the beaches and their turquoise water, and you can visit the construction site of boats. You will also visit the museum in Hillsborough to better understand the construction techniques of these local boats.

Petite Martinique is little frequented by tourists, but you will make beautiful walks along the trails that follow the coast. And perhaps you will have the chance to attend a traditional wedding with its ancient dances and rituals!

Grenada: The basics

A passport valid for another 6 months is sufficient for European nationals to enter the territory.

The current currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC $ or XCD).

We arrive at the airport of Saint-Georges, on the island of Granada.

To get around, you will take the plane between Granada and Carriacou, or the boat. There are minibuses for trips to the island, as well as taxis, and you will find rental cars and bicycles. The stop is very practiced by the locals.

Budget: you can find accommodation for less than 20 € per night, but it is better to provide an average of 80 € for a small apartment rental, which is the most interesting. For food, count about 10 € per meal and per person in small unpretentious restaurants.

Health: With dengue fever in the Caribbean, it is important to protect oneself very effectively from mosquitoes. For vaccines, it is advisable to have, in addition to the standard vaccinations, those against hepatitis A and B and against typhoid. Attention also to the sun, manchineilliers (very toxic trees), to the bites of scolopendre, the sea urchins and jellyfish for bathers. Prefer bottled water to that of tap.

Safety: There are no special problems, but avoid walking on deserted beaches at nightfall, especially on Carriacou and especially Petite Martinique.

Shopping: you can of course bring back spices, but also wooden sculptures, clothes and handcrafted jewelry. Renounce coral and objects using sea turtle shells!


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