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When and Where to go in America ?

In spring, Canada and the northeastern U.S. are living the period of thaw and thaw, making the streets muddy and mosquito-virulent: avoid it! However, the weather is hot and dry in Florida, Cuba, and the Caribbean where the water is delightfully warm. California and Louisiana, but New York, are very pleasant at this season. South America, especially Bolivia, see the rainy season ends in May and therefore offers excellent opportunities to view the end of the season. It is also a good time for Central America, especially the west coast of Mexico. All the late spring, Peru, northern Chile, all of the Andes, experience mild temperatures and dry weather and sunny. Ditto for some regions of Brazil.

In summer, Peru and Bolivia live in beautiful sunny days and dry, even if they can be quite cold at high altitude. North America has at this time a warm and dry, ideal for visiting the national parks, but also states like Colorado, Nevada, Utah, particularly in September when the heat subsides and when the mountains does not undergo the rigors of winter. But avoid the deserts of western experiencing scorching temperatures.

In fall, Canada saw its famous Indian summer, in sumptuous colors, and the northern U.S. has an ideal climate, making it very pleasant discovery of Georgia and Texas for example. The weather is hot and dry in Argentina in October, and you can closely observe the wildlife of Patagonia Atlantic. The weather continues throughout the fall in Florida. Temperatures are still mild in Las Vegas. Some Caribbean islands, with an idyllic climate, yet are affordable through fares that have not reached their peak just before the arrival of tourists, who will be at its peak in December.

In winter, all the Caribbean and the French Antilles, and Cuba and Jamaica, are very popular because of their idyllic temperatures, an average of 28 ° C, and the crowd is important. It is very cold in New York, but the year-end holidays are celebrated and masterfully it may be worth a visit if you're not cautious. Central America is Nice, as well as southern Brazil, Chile, Venezuela. It is also a good time to explore the southern California deserts and southwestern U.S.. Surfers enjoy the waves of excessive Hawaii this time of year, and those that are resistant to cold will be dazzled by the white ice of harsh Canadian winter. Avoid the equatorial regions (Ecuador, Colombia, northern Brazil) as very wet in the rainy season.

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