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America > Trinidad and Tobago: Weather, Map, Costs and Travel Guide

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago : When and where to go?

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Port of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago: Climate & Weather

The climate is tropical with temperatures between 27 and 32 ° C for the warmest, and around 22 ° C for the lower ones, with trade winds that help to support the heaviest heats. We can distinguish a drier season between January and April, and another wet but also hot from June to September, bringing brief but intense showers. It is more pleasant to visit the islands during the dry season.


Weather today

max. 29 °C
min. 24 °C

Wind: 3 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 7,6 mm
> Full report and 7-days forecast
Data updated at 20:46 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Clear 28 °C / Clear

Trinidad and Tobago: Map

Trinidad and Tobago : maps

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What to do in Trinidad and Tobago

You will enjoy Trinidad, the largest and most populated, for its lively city life and its beautiful bushy nature, and Tobago, smaller but more coveted by tourists, thanks to its beaches and superb seabed.

On Trinidad, visit Port of Spain, if possible during the carnival and its festivities, during which you can attend various dances and celebrations, to the rhythm of traditional local music, soca, steel bands and calypso: this carnival is part Of the most colorful in the world.

Many beaches, especially on the north coast, deserve your visit, with their fine sand and transparent waters.

The Queen's Park Savannah is located to the north of the capital and is home to amazing trees and shrubs, including the flamboyant, also known as African tulip trees.

Admire the scarlet ibis in the ornithological reserve of Caroni.

On Tobago, calmer, you will appreciate the long sandy beaches bathed in calm water.

Diving enthusiasts will not miss Speyside, but there are plenty of other places to explore: coral reefs, electric rays, giant barracudas, leatherback turtles, Manta rays, tiger sharks .

Charlotteville is a pretty fishing village, between turquoise water and green hills, where there are a few small restaurants where you can enjoy a pleasant stopover.

The Tobago Forest Reserve offers beautiful areas where hikers can delight.

Trinidad and Tobago: The basics

If you stay less than three months, a visa is not necessary, a passport valid for another 6 months is sufficient.

The current currency is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar, still known as the Trinidadian dollar (TT $), although prices are often quoted in US dollars.

An international airport is located in Piarco, near Port of Spain.

Public transportation (bus) is inexpensive, and there are affordable public taxis. You can also rent a car for about 50 € per day. There is also an air bridge between the two islands, as well as a ferry service which makes the crossing in 2H30.

Budget: compared with other Caribbean islands, these are relatively affordable, and the less demanding travelers will be able to live with about 50 € per day if they eat the local cuisine and stay in guesthouses. Tobago is more expensive than Trinidad. You can eat for less than 7 € in a small local restaurant.

As for accommodation, the range is extensive: pension, luxury hotel, medium-sized property, B & B, apartments for rent, everything is possible, between 10 € in a youth hostel and 150 € in a chic hotel. The cities of Trinidad and the island of Tobago, too, offer higher rates.

Health: There is no compulsory vaccination, but it is always advisable to have up to date its standard vaccines, and to add, if necessary, those against yellow fever, hepatitis A and typhoid. It is also best to boil water, peel fruit, avoid raw food, and think about protecting yourself from mosquitoes. Note: AIDS is very present on both islands.

Security: it is better to respect a few safety rules, avoiding isolated places, night walks, some areas of Port of Spain. The two islands are located in an area of ​​seismic activity.

Shopping: you can bring in souvenirs rum, mango jam, spices, basketry, saris, copper objects.


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