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When and where to go in Europe ?

In spring, the European climate sees temperatures soften the sun becoming more and more present. But there are important differences between Northern Europe and Mediterranean coasts and between the west which are influenced by ocean and is undergoing a continental climate marked well. The rains are nearly ubiquitous in this season and the snow continues in the north and in the mountains. The best destinations in Europe are essentially on the edge of the Mediterranean, enjoying a sunny, like southern Italy, Andalucia, Portugal, and gradually as the spring moves , islands such as Cyprus, Crete, Malta, and Corsica particularly beautiful in May Avoid northern Europe, Scandinavia is still dark and cold until April. Some Eastern European countries such as Croatia and Hungary are becoming pleasant in May, and Austria, which is sunny and dry, like Scotland, then flowering and radiant.

In summer, Europe has a privileged climate throughout his country: it is in all cases during the hottest and sunniest, and most favorable for visiting the old continent. The countries of the far north are experiencing long days, the United Kingdom enjoys mild temperatures and Eastern European countries are taking advantage of beautiful bright days in the month of June In July, even Iceland is conducive to tourism, and all the Mediterranean regions are beginning to be overrun with tourists coming from everywhere to enjoy the beach. In August, the heat wave swept the south of Spain, Italy and Greece, this will not be the best time to explore these areas. Know that in addition to prices soaring everywhere in Europe at that time very popular among tourists worldwide.

In fall harvest season and fruit harvest, the vegetation is rich colors in many regions, but is accompanied by a gradual decrease in temperature and precipitation as well as many more winds and a lower luminosity. The fact remains that the early fall is very conducive for visiting countries like Greece or Portugal, yet sunny, with warm temperatures, and the Mediterranean islands in October are always very pleasant. Sicily and the Balearic Islands can accommodate you until November. Avoid the other hand the whole northern part of Europe that comes early in winter and displays temperatures than fresh and a net deficit of sun and light.

In winter, rain, snow, cold and humidity gradually gaining the whole of Europe. This is the worst time to travel on the European continent, unless you are fans of winter sports resorts in the Pyrenees or Alps welcome you pleasantly with the crowd if you prefer less situated in January after the holidays year-end but before the winter holidays. In February, the countries of southern Europe as warmer temperatures found and the vegetation begins to bloom in some places. Avoid any manner throughout the northern part where the cold night and reign supreme.

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