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Poland : When and where to go?

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Poland: Climate & Weather

The climate in Poland is rather changeable as it is subject to contradictory influences: Maritime influences to the west and continental influences to the east. Therefore, temperatures and seasons have changeable characteristics depending on the year.

However certain characteristics are constant: The central areas are dryer, while the south is more humid. The winters are generally harsh with snow in the mountains and the eastern areas.

Summers can be hot with occasional rain and storms. During spring and autumn, there are mild temperatures and beautiful sunshine; these are the best times to visit the country.


Weather today

max. 23 °C
min. 12 °C

Wind: 5 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 1,3 mm
> Full report and 7-days forecast
Data updated at 12:21 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Partly Cloudy 20.3 °C / Partly Cloudy

Poland: Map

Poland : maps

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What to do in Poland

With a culture and geography somewhere between East and West, Poland offers a change of scenery and extremely warm hospitality.

Warsaw, the capital, has one of the most beautiful avenues in Europe, the Royal Route, which boasts museums and palaces. The Old City was restored after World War II and it is definitely worth a visit. In addition, you will find many shows to enjoy and things to see.

Krakow, the former capital, will seduce you with its multiple styles of architecture and various museums.

Gdansk in the north has a small resemblance to Amsterdam: It is the largest port city in the country and it will charm you with its pretty streets, beautifully renovated, the amazing gates that mark its principal axes, the Neptune Fountain and the Notre Dame Church, a brick building that can host a congregation of 20,000 people.

Impossible not to make a stopover at Oswiecim, the former Auschwitz of such sad memories and make homage to the 4 million people murdered by the Nazis by visiting the remains of the extermination camp.

In the south, you will discover the Tatra Mountains with their snowy summits and the cliffs, glaciers and small traditional villages of the Podhale area: There are many opportunities for hiking in this area.

For those of a nautical nature, the Great Mazures Lakes area offers a string of lakes, canals and rivers where you can enjoy water sports, sailing and even cruises.

Poland: The basics

Many European capitals are connected by air to Warsaw.

EU citizens do not require a visa.

The currency in circulation is the Zloty.

You will require a reasonable budget: A good meal will cost around €10, sometimes less, and a double room between €50 and €70.

There are no particular health issues in Poland but be careful and avoid drinking tap water.

To travel within the country, train and bus services combine to provide an efficient transport system.

If you wish to buy souvenirs for your friends or family here are some ideas: Amber necklaces or bracelets, vodka, silver jewellery, leather objects, the local specialties of chocolate coated prunes...


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