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Slovak Republic

Slovak Republic : When and where to go?

Covid-19 situation: Borders are open to some countries, no quarantine imposed, the country currently applies partial containment. Not required. (Read more…)

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Slovak Republic: Climate & Weather

The very distinctive continental climate creates great variations of temperatures, with rather harsh and long winters, in particular a very cold January, and a hot summer.

There is more sunshine between May and September in spite of high rainfall. So this is the ideal period for visiting Slovakia, note that July and August attract crowds.

If you wish more peace and do not worry about cold temperatures, then you may prefer April and October. For skiing fans, the stations are often open from November onwards, snow often starts to fall quite early and can continue for up to a hundred days per year.


Weather today

max. 20 °C
min. 13 °C

Wind: 10 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
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Data updated at 06:54 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Clear 15.8 °C / Clear

Slovak Republic: Map

Slovak Republic : maps

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What to do in Slovak Republic

A country positioned at recently created borders and still little known to the outside world, Slovakia does not lack attractions; cultural as well as natural. Bratislava, the capital, deserves to be seen: The monuments of the old city, the museums, the national theatre whose fame extends well beyond the borders and the castle dominating the Danube are all interesting stopovers.

The contrast will strike you as you continue your visit through the High Tetras (Vysoké Tatry), narrow mountain chains with 600 km of hiking trails, many summits, and around ten glacial lakes.

Another natural curiosity, the Gorges of Dunajec have 500 metres of cliffs dominating the landscape which lead to a monastery dating from the XIV century.

Do not miss the Domica cave, immense and decorated by gigantic stalactites, which you will visit while sailing on an underground river

You will not resist the charm of the innumerable wooden churches which can be seen particularly in the North-East of the country and which constitute one of the country’s treasures.

The Slovak Paradise national park, in the south-east of the country, is the perfect occasion to discover many picturesque villages, but also imposing landscapes with many waterfalls and canyons, as well as a wildlife protected by the thick forests.

Throughout your trip, you will no doubt be touched by the hospitality of the population, which is not the least of the country’s attractions.

Slovak Republic: The basics

You can easily find flights from Paris-Bratislava but going by train is a possibility to think about given the short distance to many European countries.

If you are a European Union citizen and your stay does not exceed 90 days, you do not need a visa.

The currency in circulation is the Slovak crown. 100 SKK= €3.31

Plan around €10 for an average meal eaten in one of the many small restaurants which serve the local specialities, and between €20 and €30 for reasonable accommodation in medium range hotels which are quite common. You could also choose the “camp-sites” solution, which are popular in the mountains.

To move around inside the country, the trains run between the large cities, but you may prefer the bus, even if it is a little expensive, to travel between towns and villages.

Concerning health precautions to be taken, as in all of Central Europe, beware of ticks: if you stay in rural areas, it is recommended that you are vaccinated against the ‘tick encephalitis’ one month before your departure. Also watch out for the mosquitoes which can cause some rather serious diseases.


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