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Malta : When and where to go?

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Malta: Climate & Weather

Mediterranean in type, the climate in Malta offers winters that are warm, sunny and light with temperatures of around 15°C. Summers are hot and dry, although refreshed by the sea breeze temperatures can climb to 40°C in high season. It tends to rain sporadically between the months of November and February.

Spring and autumn are very pleasant with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine as well as warm sea temperatures so allowing bathing from April to October.


Weather today

Partly Cloudy
max. 22 °C
min. 20 °C

Wind: 5 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
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Partly Cloudy 22.3 °C / Partly Cloudy

Malta: Map

Malta : maps

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What to do in Malta

Halfway between Latin tradition and oriental culture, Malta has a particularly rich history as can be seen from the many beautiful and fascinating vestiges scattered throughout the archipelago.

There is no doubt that will like the pretty town of La Valette; Visit its fortifications dating from the XVI century, admire its palace and cathedrals, wander around its streets and relax in the gardens and don’t forget to visit the Grand Masters Palace Museum and St John’s Cathedral Museum with its tapestries and tombs.

A little to the west is Mdina, 3,000 years old and possessing some beautiful monuments, charming streets all set into a dominant position so offering magnificent views.

The temples at Hagiar Kim, in the south west, were built around 3800 BC which makes them some of the oldest buildings on the planet. Sure to provoke awe when you see them, they are set in a magnificent site that benefits from a fantastic panoramic view.

Two less popular islands that definitely merit a detour are Gozo and Comino. Calm Gozo set in the hills has fascinating prehistoric and medieval monuments including the Victoria Citadel, Calypso’s Grotto where Ulysses rested and the attractive temple of Gjantija. Comino, small and serene, without cars and possessing one small hotel, does not seek tourism but prefers its tranquillity so making it ideal for activities such as swimming or hiking.

Malta: The basics

Various airlines serve Malta leaving from several airports throughout Europe but there are also ferries from Italy during the summer months.

Visas are not required for visits of less than 6 months.

The currency in circulation is the Euro.

The budget required is fairly moderate for this type of destination; a reasonable meal will cost around €20 and a comfortable double room approximately €35.

There are no particular health precautions required when visiting Malta.

For inland travel there are plenty of buses at a reasonable price. Taxis are fairly expensive although car or moped rental is interesting.

For those wishing to take some souvenirs home with them a few local and popular items include honey, nougat, Madliena (herb liqueur), gold jewellery, laces, wine and brass door knockers in the form of dolphins or sea horses similar to those fixed on the old Maltese doors.


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