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Scotland : When and where to go?

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Ile de Skye

Scotland: Climate & Weather

The main feature of the Scottish climate is its variability: The weather is generally humid, but it is rare to have an entire rainy day.

Spring is the driest season, the sunshine is stronger and the temperatures begin to warm up: This is the best time to visit the country. In the summer, days are longer, especially to the north where the sun sets later, but downpours occur more often.

In autumn the weather is very changeable and the cold sets in quickly. The winter itself is not very cold, but the sun appears only for a few hours each day in the north.


Weather today

Light Rain
max. 21 °C
min. 14 °C

Wind: 4 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 2,7 mm
> Full report and 7-days forecast
Data updated at 03:39 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Mostly Cloudy 16 °C / Mostly Cloudy

Scotland: Map

Scotland : maps

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What to do in Scotland

Warm people, lively traditions and varied landscapes characterised by a wild beauty, these are some of the attractions that Scotland offers.

Edinburgh has an amazing charm: Its unique atmosphere, the architecture, intense cultural life, its ancient and picturesque old buildings, the historical monuments and castle make it an unavoidable and fascinating destination.

The west coast, with its many bays and inlets surrounded by several islands, should be discovered as well as some of the largest islands like Skye, Mull and Iona.

The Trossachs, located between Crianlanrich and Stirling, will seduce you with the serenity that surrounds its hills and lakes and the iridescent colors of the heather at the end of the summer.

At the southeast of Inverness, the mountainous region of the Grampians, you’ll be able to visit, besides its ski resort, the various Spey Valley whisky distilleries. Not so far away, Loch Ness will evoke your curiosity with its famous monster myths.

Not to be missed: From the west coast to north of Inverness you will find the Scotland of your dreams, as wild and natural now as it has been for centuries past, populated with animals including deer, free roaming sheep and seals lounging on the rocks by the water.

Scotland: The basics

Several Scotland’s airports are used by airplanes from Europe.
EU citizens do not require a visa.
The currency in circulation is the Sterling or British Pound.

The required budget is quite high: A meal will cost between €15 and €20 and a double room generally no less than €60.

There are no particular health issues in Scotland.

For your transportation around the country there are different options: Jump-on-jump-off minibuses, with which you get on and off as you wish. The buses offer a fixed tourist rate on their lines, and there is also the train, the rail network is not very extensive. The western islands can be reached by boats that leave from various ports.

For those who want to find some souvenirs, they can choose between different tartan accessories, traditional music CDs, tea, marmalade, Quality Street chocolates, wool and tweed clothes, Celtic jewelry and for those who are feeling bold, the Kilt.


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