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Czech Republic

Czech Republic : When and where to go?

Covid-19 situation: Borders are open to some countries, no quarantine imposed, the country currently applies partial containment. Not required (Read more…)

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Czech Republic: Climate & Weather

The climate is clearly continental. The differences between the seasons are very marked, and snow and rain are both quite frequent. Winters last from November to March, very cold with snow in the mountains and also on the plains, while in July the summer is in full swing with record breaking high temperatures.

May and June are the best time to visit the country as the temperatures are relatively mild and the plants are in full bloom, but these months are therefore popular with tourists. September and October can be good choices, especially if you stay in Prague but also it should be noted that some lodging places and museums start to close at this time.


Weather today

Light Rain
max. 17 °C
min. 11 °C

Wind: 6 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 1,4 mm
> Full report and 7-days forecast
Data updated at 12:42 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Overcast 15.1 °C / Overcast

Czech Republic: Map

Czech Republic : maps

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What to do in Czech Republic

It is still a country with few tourists but the Czech Republic is become increasingly popular: Cities with remarkable architecture and a welcoming countryside are the two main reasons. Do not miss visiting this beautiful country.
Prague is now a popular destination: Take a stroll to admire its architecture which dates back to several centuries ago, between the castle and Charles Bridge, you become absorbed in this dynamic and new city with its various cultural attractions, leave the inner city to visit the medieval castles, you will have many activities to occupy you during your stay in the city.

Do not miss Kutna Hora and its magnificent monuments, many of which are registered as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO: The Ursuline Convent, the Church of St. Jacques, St. Barbara's Cathedral, the Jesuit school, and the facades of its medieval streets will not leave you cold.

Cesky Krumlov, in Bohemia, has a beautiful historical centre and an impressive castle, perched on a hill, there is a spectacular festival at the summer solstice. It is a must-see place.

Karlovy Vary is world famous for its ancient springs with multiple advantages: A beautiful thermal resort, it is the perfect place to relax and recharge your batteries!

Czech Republic: The basics

Many airlines serve Prague from several European cities. The train is also a possible means of transport.

No visa is required for EU citizens for a stay of less than three months.

The currency in circulation is the Czech crown.

The budget required is very reasonable in terms of food, but it is higher for accommodation, particularly in Prague. An average meal cost less than €15, while a reasonable double room will often cost more than €100.

To travel within the country, you can choose between the train and the bus, both are not very expensive and quite effective. In Prague, the trams and metro allow you to visit the entire city.

Regarding souvenir purchase, here are some ideas: The puppets manufactured in different materials, porcelain tableware, Bohemian crystal, garnets, and wrought iron objects.


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