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Canada : When and where to go?

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Canada: Climate & Weather

The Canadian climate is strongly influenced by the latitude of each area concerned. The further north you go the lower the temperatures will go too.

The year is separated into four seasons, more or less defined according to the area. Along the coasts there is more humidity whereas the interior plains are much dryer.

July and August are the hottest months with temperatures reaching above 20°C.

Winter can be long and harsh with temperatures dropping to –20°C in January.

All the seasons have their charm so choosing the perfect time to visit is difficult. Winter is great for skiing, July and August for camping, spring and autumn for the spectacular foliage and views as well as the peace and quiet.


Weather today

Light Rain
max. 18 °C
min. 11 °C

Wind: 6 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 3,1 mm
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Data updated at 00:09 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Mostly Cloudy 17.9 °C / Mostly Cloudy

Canada: Map

Canada : maps

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What to do in Canada

Omnipresent and all powerful nature combine with multi-cultural richness to make Canada a dream destination where the welcome is always warm.

Montreal, a dynamic metropolis with francophone influences, should definitely be visited: Its old town, the Archaeological and Historical Museum, the boutiques in the subterranean town, its rich nightlife will all seduce you.

Toronto is a modern multicultural city. Wander around the museums, travel to the top of the CN Tower to admire the panoramic view from the top then stroll around the picturesque quarters such as Chinatown or Little Italy before crossing the lake to breathe some of the lovely fresh air on the peaceful fertile green islands.

Vancouver is a city that must be visited. Built on a hill, it offers a gentle, soothing atmosphere that goes with its way of life and climate. It old quarters, Stanley Park, the lovely beaches, great range of open air activities including whale watching on Vancouver Island will all contribute to you having a relaxing but fascinating time during your visit here.

After visiting those cities it is time to leave for the countryside to explore the natural wonders of this country: The national Park at the Hautes-Terres-du-Cap-Breton with its panoramic route along the Cabot Trail, the Wells Gray Country Park in British Colombia with its dizzying falls, the prairies and parks of Saskatchewan and Manitoba and the Rockies where you can go hiking, climbing, caving or kayaking in a magnificent setting.

Canada: The basics

Various airlines serve Canada’s airports at Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.
European citizens do not require a visa for a stay of less than 6 months.

The currency in circulation is the Canadian Dollar.
The size of your required budget will depend on the areas visited but prices will generally be around those of Western Europe apart from petrol which is half the price.
In high season you will have to pay around €70 for a double room in a reasonable hotel and €15 for a good meal. Camping may be a good choice for lodging, the prices are reasonable and the sites well organised.

There are no particular health problems although the cost here of health care is expensive so ensure you have health insurance. However, the profusion of especially aggressive mosquitoes from spring onwards may require protection on your part. Also beware of ticks in the forest areas which can transmit the very dangerous Lyme disease. If you go camping, watch out for bears!

Travel in the interior of the country is often undertaken by bus, which is reasonably well priced and covers just about the whole country although renting a car is still the ideal solution as it will allow you to discover the country at your own pace.


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