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Burundi : When and where to go?

Covid-19 situation: Borders are open to some countries, a quarantaine may be required, the country currently applies partial containment. Not required. (Read more…)

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Burundi: Climate & Weather

Burundi is a land of Africa situated between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a tropical climate hot and humid. Temperatures are, in any time between 20 ° C and 30 ° C. The nights are cooler in some areas as Gwegara or Nujumbura.

Periods of rain are from September to November and February to May. Periods of heat, however, between June and August and from December to January. June is ideal to visit Burundi.


Weather today

Light Rain
max. 28 °C
min. 22 °C

Wind: 3 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 2,1 mm
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Data updated at 06:57 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Partly Cloudy 21.8 °C / Partly Cloudy

Burundi: Map

Burundi : maps

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What to do in Burundi

Although the situations in neighboring countries of Burundi remains precarious, the landlocked country has beautiful monuments that trace its history from the mid eighteenth century. The museum Gitega, established in 1955, is the guardian of the past in Burundi. Specimens of gourds, tools and objects used for daily work are present in this museum. It also keeps photographs of the last monarchs of the country and some traces left by colonialism. It is a photographic and ethnographic museum. The second museum is located in the capital Bujumbura, is a living museum with reconstructions of royal huts. Herpetological research center is also stored, a reserve of reptiles built within it has continued to grow since its opening in 1988.

Some other monuments also attract the curious, the Belvedere of Bujumbura, for example, houses the mausoleum of Prince Louis Rwagasore, lead actor of the national consciousness. 10 km south of the capital, a stone was erected to remind the meeting of the learned Livingstone and Stanley young reporter in 1871. Several national parks are the worldwide popularity of Burundi, as Park and that of Kibira Ruvubu. These parks allow not only to observe the animals of the African bush but in particular to move among them. Park Kibira even offers bathing in its hot springs to be more in touch with nature. Wildlife observed may go crocodile antelope through the baboons and chimpanzees. Other monuments are just as amazing a few hours of track in Bujumbura. Rotovu the pyramid, for example, is built on the southernmost source of the Nile.

Open faults Nyakazu and the Karera Falls, the second largest fall after those in Victoria, also offer a performance not easily forgotten. Lake Tanganyika is not to omit, scored the best fishing lake in the world, his views are stunning from Vyanda. Although monuments are admirable, the heat remains the best popular image of Burundi. A warm and friendly people whose lives are ingoma with the drummers of Burundi provide a show that combines dance, song, frantic rhythms, humor and above all joy of life.

Burundi: The basics

Burundi is accessed by air through Aiways Kenya, Ethiopian Airlines and Air Burundi linking Bujumbura to Arusha, Kampala, Kigali and Goma. Air France and SN Brussels are trying to make a considerable effort to allow binding Bujumbura, Bujumbura Paris and Brussels. It is also possible to access on Burundi by the waterways with two boats that are over Tanzanian Nile twice a week.

The Burundi franc (BIF) is the local currency, one euro is worth about 1300 BIF. The standard of living is very affordable. It is not necessary to learn Swahili, French is spoken throughout the country. On arrival, you should know that there are only 1,500 beds to 35 beds and around Bujumbura region. The food is made from sweet potatoes, corn and peas. Burundians have the habit of drinking a craft beer in a single container. It's a way to show solidarity they feel so do not be offended if it happens that a local resident offered this kind of drink, you just try to politely refuse.

To ensure the safety of all citizens in Burundi, the French Embassy is the identity of citizens in attendance throughout. To avoid problems, we must stop functioning, even by car, on the peripheral areas from 17 hours. The reason is simple: stop police surveillance at this time so better not to tempt fate. Even around town, always lock the doors to prevent attacks on judgments. Guarding is necessary for establishment cases medium or long term.

Malaria is a devastating disease in African countries must therefore provide mosquito repellents, either sprays or creams, mosquito nets ... There should also be vaccinated against yellow fever. Diet and food hygiene must be strict, do not swallow the juice of fresh fruit, drinking water tap and supposedly even less food or undercooked dishes. Choose mineral water or, if none, boiled water.


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