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Africa > Central African Republic: Weather, Map, Costs and Travel Guide

Central African Republic

Warning: high risk destination.

Central African Republic : When and where to go?

Covid-19 situation: Borders are open to some countries, a quarantaine may be required, the country currently applies partial containment. Negative COVID-19 test required for all travelers. (Read more…)

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Central African Republic: Climate & Weather

The tropical climate divides the year into two seasons: a rainy season that lasts from April to October, and a dry season, between November and March.

Temperatures range from 18 ° C for the coolest in December to 34 ° C for the warmest in February.

The best time to discover the country is the dry season.


Weather today

Partly Cloudy
max. 37 °C
min. 23 °C

Wind: 3 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
> Full report and 7-days forecast
Data updated at 01:06 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Clear 27.1 °C / Clear

Central African Republic: Map

Central African Republic : maps

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What to do in Central African Republic

Plateaux, hills, massifs and valleys, diamond and gold rich subsoil, savannahs and lush forests, the geography of this country is crossed by two great rivers, the Oubangui and the Sangha.

The capital, Bangui, is a very flowery and pleasant city. You can also visit the tropical garden, the Boganda museum, the artisanal center and see traditional dances by Compagnie Molika.

Then you will be able to reach 70 km from Bangui to the beautiful falls of Boali, in the middle of the virgin forest: this is where the M'bari river flows into a lake where crocodiles abound. Even higher, the falls of Matakil will impress you, as well as the gorges of the Pipi, dominated by a bridge of natural sandstone.

The Manovo-Gounda Saint Floris National Park is a World Heritage Site and home to emblematic wildlife: elephants, cheetahs, black rhinoceros, wild dogs, leopards, buffaloes and gazelles. You can also visit the northern reserves of André-Félix or Bamingui-Bangoran.

La Lobaye is a region of deep forests, where you can meet pygmies on the banks of the Oubangui: their life is always organized according to hunting with bows and arrows, fruit picking, yams and mushrooms, And the harvest of honey. Nomads, they are about 13,000 to live in this country of Africa.

There are also very interesting prehistoric sites, such as those near Ouadda with their monoliths. There are also stones raised near Bouar, which were erected during the first millennium BC. J.-C.

Central African Republic: The basics

A visa is required to enter the country.

The current currency is the CFA Franc (XAF).

By plane (one flight per week from Paris) you will arrive at the Bangui International Airport, the most important one of Centrafrique, 10 km from the city center, which you will necessarily reach by taxi.

To move around the country, you can use domestic airlines that serve a number of cities. The road network consists of tracks (except around Bangui) which are impassable in the rainy season. There are also buses and bush taxis, or regular taxis to rent by the day.

Health: Yellow fever vaccine is mandatory, and it is advisable to have up to date its standard vaccines as well as those against typhoid, rabies, meningococcus and hepatitis A and B. In the forest, wear shoes to Preserve you from snake bites. Do not bathe in the stagnant waters, and pay attention to the shifting sands in the Oubangui. Drink only bottled water, do not eat ice cubes, eat raw food, peel your fruit and cook food in general. Also plan for malaria treatment.

Safety: Do not move alone or in the middle of the night. Insecurity is still prevalent in the country, especially in the provinces, and it is strictly forbidden to go there for tourism until further notice.

Shopping: You can bring back from the craft market of Bangui ebony, wickerwork or gold jewelery. Another typical souvenir: the paintings realized in wings of butterflies ...


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