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Namibia : When and where to go?

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Namibia: Climate & Weather

The climate here divides the year into three parts: Between October and December is the hot, dry season, punctuated by showers. This is followed from January to April by seasonal weather that is just as hot but also more humid with more frequent rainstorms. Finally comes the winter season from May to September that is characterised by a cold, dry climate.

The differences in temperature can be quite large, attaining 40°C in summer and descending to 0°C on winter nights. By going between May to October you will be able to benefit fully from hot, clear days and cool invigorating nights, the best type of weather for discovering the natural wonders of Namibia.


Weather today

max. 23 °C
min. 8 °C

Wind: 7 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
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Data updated at 09:58 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Clear 13 °C / Clear

Namibia: Map

Namibia : maps

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What to do in Namibia

Uniquely symbolising the whole of Africa with its incredible variety of landscapes, people and cultures, Namibia is gradually opening itself to tourism to the great pleasure and anticipation of many curious visitors.

Windhoek, the capital, is at the centre of the country, surrounded by mountains and marked by its German roots. Recommended visits include the Christuskirche Lutheran church, the State Museum, the pedestrians only Post Street and there are various night clubs offering a diversity of entertainment.

The Namib-Naukluft Park is an immense nature reserve with red dunes in the desert with spectacular lunar landscapes, inhabited by animals and plants that survive off the morning dew such as the springboks and welwitschia.

The Fish River National Park comes as a shock in the middle of such a wild and desolated area: The river has hollowed out gigantic gorges, great for hikers who can follow the path alongside the river leading to the hot springs of Ai-Ais with their therapeutic properties.

Another park worth exploring is Etosha, sheltering more than 100 species of mammals, several dozen types of birds, plus the reptiles and innumerable insects as well as species of trees that cannot be found elsewhere like the Moringa.

Namibia: The basics

You can fly to Windhoek via South Africa or Zimbabwe.

European citizens do not require a visa.

The currency in circulation is the Namibian Dollar.

You can find lodging and food for all budgets: A reasonable meal will cost around €12 and a room in a guesthouse or a private room for €30 to €50.

Health precautions to take when visiting Namibia are generally less than those for other African countries mainly due to the prevailing dry therefore healthy Namibian climate. Make sure your normal vaccinations are up to date as well as that for yellow fever and protect yourself from mosquitoes.

Travel inland can be accomplished by train which although slow is cheap and enables you to discover some magnificent countryside. Clubbing together with other people to rent a car is a good idea, the main roads are generally very good, but choose a 4 wheel drive so you can drive on the brush tracks.


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