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Warning: high risk destination.

Nigeria : When and where to go?

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Nigeria: Climate & Weather

The climate is generally hot and dry in the north although with a long wet season between April and September. In the south it is more humid but also hot with a clearly defined rainy season between March and November; the climate in this area is unmistakably tropical although the humidity is a little less in December and January due to the harmattan that dries the atmosphere.

It is around this period, December to March, that it is best to visit Nigeria; hot but supportable temperatures and less humidity… but lots of dust!


Weather today

Light Rain
max. 26 °C
min. 25 °C

Wind: 9 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 1,7 mm
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Data updated at 01:22 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Overcast 26 °C / Overcast

Nigeria: Map

Nigeria : maps

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What to do in Nigeria

The political instability and recurring economical problems do not make Nigeria an obvious tourist destination but there are many interesting places to see with a stimulating energetic atmosphere.

Lagos, immense and overpopulated, will not leave you indifferent; music can be heard everywhere and there are various nightclubs and clubs for you to enjoy. Concerning daytime activities, the National Museum has some fabulous masks and sculptures on display. Be vigilant here when wandering around as the crime rate here is very high.

More to the north, Oshogbo is the cradle of the Yoruba culture; the Sacred Forest shelters gigantic sculptures, multiple sanctuaries and other works of art dedicated to the Goddess Osun. It is listed as a UNESCO World heritage Site.

The Yankari National Park is a beautiful nature reserve that has a hot water spring and shelters elephants, hippopotami and crocodiles amongst other animals. You can visit on foot with a guide or by lorry.

Do not miss a visit to Kano, a Muslim town built from mud bricks and over a thousand years old; visit the old town, go to the main Mosque and the Emir’s palace then enter the Gidan Makama Museum which is worth a detour for the architecture and photographs tracing the town’s history. Visit the Kurmi market with its numerous marvels.

Nigeria: The basics

You can get to Nigeria by plane from Europe although there is a slight cancelation risk according to the political situation.

A visa is obligatory.

The currency in circulation is the naira.

The budget required is fairly small for the food; a meal will generally cost less than €10, although it will be a little more expensive for lodging at around €30 for an average room.

Concerning health precautions, the yellow fever vaccination is obligatory and you should update all your normal vaccinations too, those against typhoid and hepatitis A and B are also recommended as well as that for meningitis for those who are planning to stay in the north during the dry season. Finally, sanitary conditions can be a little unreliable at times so take all normal precautions concerning water consumption, fruit and vegetables and washing your hands.

For travelling inland, going by air is not too expensive although the flights are not regular. Buses are more reliable and they are fairly comfortable. Travelling alone by road is strongly advised against as much because of the state of the major roads for car drivers as for driving of other road users and the possibility of attacks does exist, especially at night.


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