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Thailand : When and where to go?

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Thailand: Climate & Weather

The country has an equatorial climate in the extreme south, while the central and northern areas have, in turn, a tropical monsoon climate.

The north is hilly and even mountainous in places, but most of the country is situated at low altitude.

The majority of Thailand suffers from heavy downpours, mainly from May to October.
During the monsoon, the winds of the Indian Ocean bring warm moist air and a lot of cloudy weather.

From November to April there is the dry season. This is the period of the northeast monsoon and the wind blows from China.

At the centre and south of the country, there is little climate variation, but it is generally colder in the northeast.

The hottest months are April and May.
Sunlight is less between June and September as it only shines between 4 to 5 hours a day.
The rest of the year, it shines 9 to 10 hours daily.

The wet season is quite oppressive in the majority of the country because of the combination between hot and moist weather.

A tropical climate clearly dominates the country: The rainy season lasts from June to October, but this does not prevent beautiful sunny periods, but with occasional storms and increased rainfall in the north. The dry season is between November and May with high temperatures from March. The south is colder between April and June. So you can best enjoy a visit between November and March before the hot weather, avoiding the major tourist areas which are quite numerous.


Weather today

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Thailand: Map

Thailand : maps

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What to do in Thailand

The legendary friendliness of its people and its amazing cultural identity make Thailand a truly exotic destination.

Bangkok will surprise you in every way with its hustle and bustle: Buddhist temples and palaces, massage parlours, Chinese and Indian neighbourhoods, floating markets, parks and canals, will punctuate your walks with thousand of colours and smells that you will not forget.

Ko Samui, a touristic island, will seduce you with its beaches and Marine Park and it makes a relaxing stopover on your discovery of the country.

Chiang Mai is the cultural capital with its three hundred odd temples of various styles, but it also has a National Museum and handicrafts market. Enjoy your stay with a visit to a Thai boxing match, and do not miss a mountain hike that will give you the opportunity to get in contact with local ethnic minorities.

Phuket and its beautiful coastline will offer you idyllic beaches, but also hidden wonders inland: Waterfalls, hiking trails, wildlife, pearl culture farms and the amazing Phuket Fantasia Park with its avant-garde technologies at the service of Thai tradition.

Ko Chang or Elephant Island is a gem of unspoiled nature, which combines a lush flora, land fauna and marine wildlife and beautiful beaches.

Thailand: The basics

Several airlines fly to Bangkok.
A visa is not required if your stay is less than 30 days.
The currency in circulation is the Thai baht

The required budget is small: between € 5 and €20 for a double room depending on the area, and less than €5 for a good meal.

In relation to health, you should take precautions against mosquitoes, snakes and marine animals, and do not swim in fresh water. It is advisable to have vaccinations against hepatitis A, typhoid, and the normal ones, and wash your hands before handling food.

For transportation inland, THAI have many airplanes, but there are also trains that are comfortable and inexpensive, as well as buses. In towns, the tuk-tuk and vans are very common and economical.

If you want to take souvenirs home for friends and family, choose from the printed cottons, silver objects, gold jewellery, pottery, silk dolls, masks, teak objects, small bamboo furniture, hats and umbrellas.


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