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When and where to go in Asia ?

In spring, parts of Asia are not yet in the monsoon season, and live the end of dry season. Others know by April of scorching temperatures and humidity unbearable. You'll need to choose your destination based on geographical variation: India can be visited again in March, and Nepal, which is so sunny, favorable for a trek. During the month of April, you can smoothly go to Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan and the Philippines, but the rest of Asia is beginning to really suffer from the heat. Late spring is favorable for Bali and some areas of China. Overall, it is better to avoid Asia in the month of May

In summer, many parts of Asia are experiencing a period of monsoon, with the inconveniences associated with them: very high humidity, high winds could turn into typhoons or cyclones, often stifling heat wave. Indonesia is probably the only area to be spared, as well as Japan. Malaysia is also going through a period in June maintained between the two monsoons. In July, Bali and Java are very Nice but very busy. It's really the least favorable season for travel in Asia.

Autumn is the end of the era of the monsoon, whose influence gradually disintegrates throughout the territory. Southern China is known, however, the presence of devastating typhoons. However, in October, the tourism season begins across Asia, which becomes increasingly dry and displays more pleasant temperatures and less warm, cool, even in some areas, like mountains in India or Nepal. The north-east China, Indonesia still, Hong Kong in November, South Korea with vegetation particularly beautiful in autumn, are very pleasant destination this season.

In winter, it's the right time to go in Asia: bright sun and pleasant temperatures, softer and are waiting for you in Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, India and southern China , and Sri Lanka. The Philippines is so sheltered from typhoons. However, the mountainous regions offer very cold nights, for example in Nepal and Laos, and northern China is often cold in January. To avoid particularly Indonesia, which suffered the rainy season, and Malaysia in its full winter monsoon.

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