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Vanuatu : When and where to go?

Covid-19 situation: Borders are open to some countries, no quarantine imposed, the country currently applies partial containment. Negative PCR test results is required for some travelers. (Read more…)

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Vanuatu: Climate & Weather

The climate divides the year into two main periods, a wet season between November and April, where cyclones can also occur and temperatures reach 30 ° C in January and a dry season from May to October when temperatures Can drop to 21 ° C.

This dry period is the most pleasant to visit the archipelago.


Weather today

Light Rain
max. 26 °C
min. 22 °C

Wind: 7 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0,1 mm
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Data updated at 15:15 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Mostly Cloudy 25.8 °C / Mostly Cloudy

Vanuatu: Map

Vanuatu : maps

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What to do in Vanuatu

Most tourists visit the capital Port Vila, the dive sites of Espiritu Santo and the volcanoes of the island of Tanna.

Port Vila is located on the island of Efate, whose center is covered by the rainforest. On its coasts you can visit the turtle farms, try the big game fishing, play golf (there are two courses on the island), discover the traditional village of Ekasup, with its inhabitants in traditional outfits. In the capital, the market under the large hall will delight you with its colors and smells, then you will visit the National Museum which tells the history of the country. In the surroundings, relax near the waterfalls of Mélée, and enjoy water sports on the island of Hideaway.

On Espiritu Santo, there are two dive sites worth a visit: Million Dollars Point and Le Coolidge. You will also appreciate the pottery villages and the Millenium Caves, a cave located at the bottom of the jungle, which is reached after a very sporting walk.

The island of Tanna is known for its volcanoes, including the Yasur, as well as the island of Ambrym, which is home to the Benbow and Marum Mountains, all in operation. On Tanna you can also enjoy spectacular traditional dances.

As for the island of Pentecost, it serves as a setting for a ceremony to promote fertility, the Nagol, which sees men throwing themselves of 20-meter towers that they built before and to which they are attached by Knees with ropes: impressive!

We should also mention the richness of fauna and flora, with particularly diverse seabed, 300 species of corals, 450 species of fish, and a 3 m long herbivorous mammal, the dugong. There are also many birds and endemic species of butterflies. As for the flora, the tropical forest is omnipresent (¾ of the territory) and there are 80 kinds of orchids. Banians and kauris are the most common trees.

Vanuatu: The basics

The Europeans must have a valid passport.

The current currency is the Vatu.

An international airport is 8 km from Port Vila, but coming from France you will need two stopovers before landing.

To travel in the archipelago, the plane is the only solution, but all the tracks are not tarred. There are buses on the three main islands, but generally only taxis are available everywhere. The condition of the roads is rather bad, and the hiring of a vehicle is therefore deprecated.

Budget: it is the transport post that will cost you the most if you want to move from one island to another.

Health: There is no mandatory vaccination to go to Vanuatu, but it is advisable to have up to date their standard vaccinations and to add those against hepatitis A and B. In addition, protection against malaria is Necessary, and you will also need to provide protection against mosquitoes to avoid dengue.

Security: security is generally good, but with the development of tourism, pickpockets have multiplied and it is advisable to remain vigilant.

Shopping: you can bring back traditional objects, wood carvings, braided baskets.


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