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When and where to go in Oceania ?

In spring, temperatures begin to cool off, since the seasons are reversed compared to our hemisphere: Sydney, Australia is moving slowly towards winter, so that Polynesia is experiencing declining rainfall, such as New Caledonia, temperatures but with very little variation. Australia is experiencing a wide variety of climates throughout the year due to its extensive acreage. The neighboring islands and archipelagos, subject to a climate of equatorial and tropical temperatures, however, show relatively constant, but rain and winds are impacted by sea. Tasmania and New Zealand are experiencing a climate of continental type more clearly.

In summer, the winter at this latitude, and July and August are the coldest months in Australia (about 12 ° C in Sydney, which is fairly acceptable!). The time is right however to visit the north of Australia where the temperature is ideal, and a center whose days are sweet and cool nights so no mosquitoes. French Polynesia, especially Tahiti, then offers a drier and cooler, and a good underwater visibility that dive enthusiasts will appreciate. In the South Island of New Zealand, it can freeze at this time

fall, the sweetness comes soon in Australia, and the vegetation inside the country is in full bloom, providing beautiful scenery. This is probably the best time to discover Sydney. In Polynesia the rain again become more frequent. Tasmania presents this time of year, extreme climatic variations changing, alternating bright sun and torrential rains, creating spectacular rainbows in the sky. In New Caledonia, is the beginning of the warm period with possible risk of hurricanes: avoid if possible.

winter, summer reign over the Australian continent, celebrating Christmas in the sun in Sydney, and suffered extreme heat in the center, while the north saw a very unpleasant humidity. Meanwhile Polynesia presents significant rains, sometimes torrential. New Zealand saw its hottest months, and has also an influx of visitors is better to wait a bit if you want to know it in good conditions and with milder temperatures.

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