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Australia : When and where to go?

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Australia: Climate & Weather

The Australian seasons are the opposite to those of the northern hemisphere and there are variations in climate between the different areas of this vast country.

In the north, with a climate that is definitely more tropical, the wet and dry seasons simply alternate with little temperature difference between the two (around 22°C in the winter and 30°C in the summer).

The interior of the continent is mainly desert therefore very dry and hot during the day with temperatures that plunge at night. Winter is also cold in the south, especially in Tasmania and in the mountains.

You can therefore visit at any time of the year by carefully picking your area: From December to February (Australian summer) you will probably prefer the south, then between June and August (winter) the north would be very pleasant as well as the centre with its more temperate climate.


Weather today

Rain and snow
max. 6 °C
min. 4 °C

Wind: 11 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 10 mm
> Full report and 7-days forecast
Data updated at 12:30 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Light Rain 5 °C / Light Rain

Australia: Map

Australia : maps

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What to do in Australia

Generally the cosmopolitan towns rub shoulders with the all powerful nature. Australia is a continent rich in various assets.

Dynamic Sydney will pleasantly surprise you with its geographical location and also its multi-ethnical aspect and great variety of attractions: Stunning beaches where surfers rule, animated areas – the most well known being Circular Quay dominated by the legendary Sydney Opera House, the colonial quarter of Miller Point without forgetting the many small corners where you can enjoy a gentle stroll.

You should certainly not forget to visit Alice Springs with its aboriginal community in its incredibly beautiful setting far from everything.

In the north, Kakadu National Park allows you to discover extraordinary and diverse wild life together with aboriginal paintings, some of them dating back 20,000 years.

Another famous site, the imposing Uluru monolith will astound you and fascinate you with its colours that change throughout the course of a day.

It is impossible to list all that is waiting to be discovered in this land that is as vast as it is varied. One simple piece of advice, go there!


Australia: The basics

Flights from Europe take at least 24 hours and it is recommended that you reserve well in advance.
A visa is not required for a stay of less than 3 months. You simply require an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation).

The currency is the Australian Dollar. Credit cards such as visa and MasterCard are accepted everywhere.
Concerning budget, you will need to plan roughly the same as you would for European prices. A double room in a basic hotel will cost around €50, less if you choose a youth hostel, very easy to find. Camping is both popular and comfortable. With reference to food, all popular cuisines are represented and you can eat quite well for less than €20 a meal.

Concerning health, no particular precautions need to be taken apart from a good sun protection cream and for surfers a healthy vigilance for sharks by respecting a few simple but important security rules.

For transport within the country you can combine planes with the bus or simply rent a car.


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