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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia : When and where to go?

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Saudi Arabia: Climate & Weather

The climate of Saudi Arabia, of the desert type, may be excessively hot, but it varies slightly depending on the region. For example it is warm throughout the year on the east coast and on the west coast of the country, with more humidity in summer, and dry weather in winter.

In the heart of the country, it is very hot in summer, quite cool during the winter, and the climate remains dry permanently. Rainfall occurs in spring. The best periods to visit the country are therefore between November and March.

April and October are still acceptable months, but it is essential to avoid discovering the country between May and September.


Weather today

max. 43 °C
min. 32 °C

Wind: 7 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
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Data updated at 10:39 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Overcast 41 °C / Overcast

Saudi Arabia: Map

Saudi Arabia : maps

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What to do in Saudi Arabia

The cultural richness of the country will not fail to charm you, but Saudi Arabia also has natural treasures, as the largest sandy desert in the world, as well as the largest oasis. Lying on the plateau of the Nejd, it is also bordered by my Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. On the other hand, there is no body of water inland, and the inhabitants are essentially gathered in the oases or at the coast.

Between its stunning landscapes and surprisingly modern cities, its magnificent vestiges that date back to some four thousand years, such as the rock paintings on the site of Jubbah, you will discover an unexpected and magical world. The mosques are particularly beautiful, and one can immediately see on seeing that Saudi Arabia places religion first and foremost. Mecca, the first holy city of Islam, sees millions of pilgrims coming to visit it, but it is forbidden to non-Muslims.

You will of course visit the capital, Riyadh, with the fortress of Masmak, but also the museum of the city, the ruins of Dir'aiyah and the dromedary market. At the edge of the Red Sea, Jeddah is waiting for you with its old city and its souks, as well as its twin towers, Lamar Towers, and in the city of Medina you will find the famous mosque of the Prophet. If you explore the mountainous region of Asir, you can discover the national park, but also the site of Najran and the ruins of the village of Habella.

Saudi Arabia: The basics

Above all, the country is not very open to tourism, women in particular must respect strict rules, and some cities are closed to non-Muslims. You can get a visa (not a tourist visa) if you have a family residing in the country. In addition, women must be accompanied by their husbands or a male relative.

There are three major airports to land in the country: Riyadh (35 km from the center of the city), Jeddah and Dhahran. Beware of luggage that undergoes a very thorough inspection: it is forbidden to import alcohol or derived products, pork products, non-Islamic religious articles, statues, objects from Israel, (The latter leading to the death penalty).

The current currency is the Saudi ryal.

As for the budget, you can count about 40 € for a room in a decent hotel and 10 euros for a traditional meal.

For your travels, the plane is very convenient given the long distances between the main cities, but there is also an efficient road network and efficient bus routes connecting the cities to each other. Inside the cities, the taxi is very convenient.

You will shop in Tahlia Street if you are looking for luxury boutiques, or you will bring Bedouin silver jewelery or weaving.

From a health perspective, there is a risk of malaria in the west and in some parts of the south, thus the need to effectively protect against mosquitoes. It is strongly advised to have its classical vaccinations up to date, not to drink tap water, to cook well, to peel the fruits, not to pet the animals. In the event of a health problem, the medical structures of the country are very modern and efficient.


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