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Wind: 8 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
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Clear 38.1 °C / Clear

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When to go to Mecca? (Saudi Arabia)

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What to do in Mecca : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

MeccaLocated in Saudi Arabia, Mecca, the holy city, home to about two million inhabitants. Partly built on hills, it has two climaxes with the mountains and Jabal Jabal Tarki Khandama 900 meters above sea level, which gives a particular configuration to the city. Its climate is hot and dry: the temperature rarely drops below 16 ° C on winter nights and summer it easily rises above 40 ° C in the day. Mecca is very important in Islam as the fifth pillar of Islam states that believers should do at least once in their life a pilgrimage in this city: some periods are conducive to a large influx of population, it who made Mecca a very cosmopolitan city that has adapted its host equipment. However, be aware that access to this city is impossible for non-Muslims. The holy place that brings together pilgrims is the Sacred Mosque, which houses the Kaaba; a vast esplanade that can currently receive one and half million faithful, is in front of the mosque. Nearby, there is a hotel located in a gigantic tower (600 meters), with its peak just as huge clock visible to over 10 kilometers in daylight round. To get to Mecca, an international airport is 70 kilometers northwest.


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