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When and Where to go in Middle East ?

In the spring, the weather is still hot in some areas, especially desert areas. Countries that are likely to be softened by the presence of the nearby sea, as the south coast of Yemen or the Mediterranean side of Lebanon, then covered with flowers in May, enjoy more pleasant temperatures. Same scenario for Jordan, it is much more pleasant to visit in the off-season to enjoy temperatures more bearable. Tis the season to be promoted to travel to this part of the world.

In summer, the entire Middle East shows scorching temperatures are not conducive to the discovery. There is little that some areas are spared, as Damascus in Syria because of its altitude, and Lebanon on the coast, despite fairly high humidity, and parts of Yemen in August. Avoid Oman which is in full monsoon between June and September, and parts of Israel that simmer beneath a scorching sun.

In autumn, you will meet again warmer temperatures everywhere. This is a good time to explore Iran and Turkey where the climate is perfect on the Aegean, the Mediterranean and Istanbul, as you discover a pleasant despite some rain in October. Syria also offers a beautiful light this season, and Jordan preferred temperatures, especially its eastern plateau.

In winter, you will enjoy while Oman has pleasant temperatures around 30 ° C from north to south. The Jordan Valley in Israel also enjoys mild winters and pleasant, while in the rest of the country a reign punctuated by cold dry snow. Lebanon enjoys mild winters on the coast except in the mountains, and across very sunny, which makes it very favorable practice of winter sports. It is dry and mild in Damascus in Syria, but Syrian mountains are then covered with snow.

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