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Malawi : When and where to go?

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Malawi: Climate & Weather

According to the altitude, the climate will be a little different: you will find heat (about 25 ° C) and humidity in the valley of Chire, while on the high plateaux it will be cooler and temperate.

The dry season lasts from April to October, and the rainy season runs from November to March. October often exhibits very high temperatures.

The best time to visit the country is during the dry season.


Weather today

Partly Cloudy
max. 28 °C
min. 15 °C

Wind: 4 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
> Full report and 7-days forecast
Data updated at 06:01 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Clear 15 °C / Clear

Malawi: Map

Malawi : maps

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What to do in Malawi

Lake Malawi in the east of the country occupies 20% of the territory and part of the rest of the country consists of high plateaus, from which the highest peak is the Sapitwa Peak (3002 m). The inhabitants are very welcoming and tolerant, which adds a real plus to the sumptuous scenery.

To discover: the ritual of Gule Wunkulu, practiced by the Chewas in the north and danced by a secret society, which is an initiation rite for young boys, with masks and costumes very impressive; The reserve of Chongoni where you will admire a thousand-year-old rock art; The Lake Malawi National Park, considered to have the richest wildlife in the world, its fishing villages and beaches; The Monkey Bay Peninsula and the Mumbo Islands on the same lake; Cities such as Zomba and Mzuzu, their monuments and museums; The high plateau of Zomba, with its coniferous forests at 1800 m altitude; The Mount Mulanje at 3000 m, the highest of the country, where you can make superb excursions; The various nature reserves where you will observe at leisure elephants and antelopes, elk and warthog, zebras, jackals and leopards.

Without forgetting the capital Lilongwe and its big market where to stroll for hours ...

Malawi: The basics

You do not need a visa as a French national, but your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months.

The current currency is the kwacha (MWK).

You will arrive at Kamuzu International Airport, about 20 kilometers from the capital Lilongwe. To travel in the country, there are domestic flights between the main cities. Boats transport between towns on the shores of Lake Malawi. There are also trains, as well as private buses, which serve the most important cities. You can also rent a car, but the roads are sometimes in very bad condition. In big cities there are buses but very few taxis.

Budget: Approximately 50 € per day per person for accommodation, food and transportation.

Health: In addition to conventional vaccines, it is advisable to have those against cholera (including epidemics frequent during the rainy season) and measles. Antimalarial treatment is highly recommended. Do not drink tap water, cook the vegetables and peel your fruit. It is also recalled that Malawi is one of the countries most affected by AIDS.

Security: It is not advisable to frequent border areas with Mozambique. Be vigilant in big cities, the country being very poor, tourists can be the object of attacks and robberies, sometimes with violence.


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