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Asia > Indonesia: Covid-19 and Travel


Present Situation

Total cases: 4.3 millions

Active cases: 8 093

Recovered: 4.1 millions

Deaths: 143 796

Vaccination count: 137.5 millions

Current trend: Declining

Data updated on 2021-11-27

Cumulative coronavirus cases

Summary of the situation

Are the borders open to travellers? Partially Allowed
Is a test required to enter the country?
Negative PCR test is required for all countries.
Are quarantine measures imposed? Oui
Is the country in lockdown? Partiellement
Is wearing a mask mandatory?
Masks are required in public spaces

Provisions for travellers

Entry to the territory: Partially Allowed
Effective October 14, 2021, the Indonesian government has re-opened Indonesia for international tourists. Only citizens of the following 19 countries are able to enter Indonesia on tourist/limited stay visas:

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
New Zealand
South Korea

All international tourists may only enter Indonesia via Bali (Ngurah Rai International Airport) and or Riau Islands (Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport).

Foreign nationals must be fully vaccinated before entering Indonesia and must show their vaccination certificate to immigration officials upon arrival.

International travelers that enter Indonesia without presenting evidence of vaccination will be vaccinated during their quarantine, provided that their COVID-19 test results are negative.

The Indonesian Government recognizes the following vaccinations, including but not limited to two-doses of Pfizer or Moderna or Sinovac, AstraZeneca dan Sinopharm and single-dose of Johnson & Johnson.

Arrival protocols:

When you have arrived at the airports, there are several measures you need to take before you can continue your travel. According to Circular of Covid-19 Task Force No. 20 Year 2021, regarding Domestic Travel Health Protocol during the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), all international travelers, whether they are Indonesian citizens or foreign nationals, should comply with the existing health protocols.

You will be able to enter the territory of Indonesia under the following conditions:

-Can show a card or certificate of receipt of COVID-19 vaccine and a negative RT-PCR test result.

-Short Visit Visa or other entry permits in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

-Proof of ownership of health insurance with a minimum coverage value of USD 100,000 which includes financing for handling COVID-19.

-Proof of booking confirmation and payment (booking) for accommodation from the accommodation provider while staying in Indonesia.

-Through entry points (airports) in Bali and the Riau Islands.

You can visit this page https://bit.ly/2Z07trc to gather more information regarding the latest health protocol regulations in Indonesia.

Below are the arrival and departure flow you have to follow if you travel to Bali via I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport:

International arrival flow

1. Pre Flight
- Provide a full-dose vaccination (https://bit.ly/3AVI1Am) certificate (at least 14 days before arrival)
- Register e-PCR
- Provide the proof of your 5-days quarantine hotel booking
- Prepare negative PCR result (3x24 hours before arrival)
- Prepare immigration documents
- Prepare travel insurance
- Verify your e-Hac(https://www.indonesia.travel/gb/en/trip-ideas/5-health-protocols-in-indonesia-you-must-know)
- Register e-CD (Electronic Custom Declaration)

2. Landing in Bali
- Go to the arrivals terminal

3. Go to the arrival terminal

4. Thermo Scanner
- For body temperature below 38°C, proceed to the next step
- For body temperature exceeding 38°C, a further medical examination will be done immediately. If all health requirements are good, proceed to the next step. If not, travelers will be referred to the nearest hospital

5. Port Health Office
- Enter medical documents check
- Scan e-HAC QR code
- Tap QR code

6. PCR Swab
- Taking PCR swab sample
- Scan QR code

7. Immigration
- Immigration check

8. Conveyor Belt
- Put your luggage in

9. Customs
- Scan e-CD (Electronic Custom Declaration) QR code
- Customs check

10. Holding Area
- Wait for your PCR test result

11. Exit Control Desk
- Tap QR code
- Hotel & transport registration

12. Positive PCR
- Nearest hospital

13. Negative PCR
- Pick up zone to stay at a quarantine hotel for 5 days

Quarantine rules:

According to Circular of Covid-19 Task Force No. 20 Year 2021, those who receive negative PCR results upon arrival are required to undergo mandatory quarantine for 5 x 24 hours or 14 x 24 hours depending on the escalation COVID-19 case of the origin country. The requirements are as follows:

-For Indonesian citizens within the category of migrant workers, students that have finished education, and civil servants on duty, the quarantine facilities provided by the Indonesia government are free of charge.

-For Indonesian citizens (not on the criteria for the previous points) and foreigners in self-funded quarantine accommodation (hotels/inns) recommended by the COVID-19 Task Force and have met the terms and conditions of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association and the Ministry of Health.

- Four days after self-quarantine from the date of arrival, another RT-PCR test will be conducted. If the test shows a negative result, after 5 days of quarantine, you will be declared for completed quarantine. Meanwhile, if the RT-PCR test shows positive result then you will have to undergo the following procedures:

-Treatment in centralized isolation facilities for asymptomatic people and people with mild symptoms.
-Treatment at a referral hospital for people with moderate and severe symptoms.

Here is the list https://www.indonesia.travel/gb/en/news/list-of-quarantine-hotels-in-bali of hotels in Indonesia that provide a mandatory quarantine facility.

Do also visit this page https://chse.kemenparekraf.go.id/detail-province/bali to check out accommodations in Bali that have been CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) certified.

Visa applications can be submitted online through https://visa-online.imigrasi.go.id/

Download PeduliLindungi app(https://bit.ly/3n4d5c5)

Tests: Negative PCR test is required for all countries.

Quarantine: Yes
Quarantined for 14 days is required for all countries

Information updated on 2021-11-23.

Action taken in the country

Lockdown: Partial
The government has mandated that travelers must be fully vaccinated to enter or leave the country.

The government has loosened some restrictions, and implementation of rules varies from region to region.

Restaurants, malls and places of worship in some areas, including the capital Jakarta, can open.

The percentage of people allowed varies depending on the PPKM level in the area.

Malls or shopping centers are allowed to open until 8pm with a maximum of 50 percent capacity.

Implementation of health protocols is expected.

Some areas of Java and Bali and 15 locations on Kalimantan, Sumatra, Papua and Lombok (Tanjung Pinang, Singkawang, Padang Panjang, Balikpapan, Bandar Lampung, Pontianak, Manokwari, Sorong, Batam, Bontang, Buktittinggi, Berau, Padang, Mataram, and Medan) have PPKM Level 3 restrictions in place until at least November 15 to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Mask use
Masks are required in public spaces

Gatherings: Partially Allowed
Events or more than 5 people banned.

Restaurants and bars: Delivery/Takeout only

Shops: Open

Tourist attractions: Open


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