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Antarctic > Antarctic, weather in April: Climate and travel budget


Antarctic in April

Antarctic in April : Travel budget & tourist seasons.

Budget your trip depending on your departure time.

Beyond the tourist season (low, medium or high season) of the destination country, prices of your flight, hotel or all-inclusive stays may also vary depending on the demand in your country (our rates are evaluated from western Europe).

Thus, from western Europe, a stay will often be more expensive for a start during the school holidays.

In April, here's what you can expect on average:

  • All-inclusive stays: 5000 € / week

  • Round-trip flight: 3000 €

  • Tourist season: low

Climate in April, picked destinations

Antarctic in AprilIn April, weather conditions in Antarctic make it a relatively bad trip destination. Among our chosen destinations (see below), the average temperatures you'll face in April would be between -25.0°C and -21.0°C, with exceptional possible peaks as low as -36°C and high as -10°C as observed in previous years.

Click on the name of a city to read more details about it, have more climate data history and see weather forecasts.

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Antarctic: Climate & Weather

It is the coldest place on Earth, temperatures drop to -93 ° C. Precipitation is rare, but heavy snowfall is common on the coasts.

During the summer period, the sunshine can be extreme and it is daylight 24 hours a day. Only five months of the year allow a tourist visit in Antarctica, located during the austral summer, between November and March, because the rest of the year It is dark and extremely cold. In November, the pack ice begins to break and then begins breeding season for penguins and other birds.

But even during this period, it never makes more than 10 ° C, the winds are violent, the sun intense, the ubiquitous ice.

Antarctic: Map

Antarctic : map

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