which island to choose for your vacations ?

You have decided to go on vacation in the Mediterranean, rather on a large island of its eastern facade. Crystal clear waters, idleness, sun, history, culture and change of scenery. And as is often the case, there are two destinations that seem to stand out from the crowd and on which to hesitate. The Republic of Cyprus (south) or Crete, so what to choose?

For a nature and adventure trip


The sea, the mountains and especially beautiful gorges like those of Samaria, which are for many among the most remarkable in Europe, are on the program of Crete. The island is therefore a nature destination appreciated among others by hiking enthusiasts.


With on one side the sea, beaches or cliffs like around Cape Greco, and on the other side the mountains, Cyprus offers a certain diversity. Nevertheless, it is the Troodos Massif which generally holds the attention for its beautiful landscapes, its possibilities of excursions and even of skiing at the mount Olympe.


Both islands are well provided for those interested in nature and ecotourism… so much so that it is difficult to make a choice even if Cyprus presents a small plus with the beautiful Troodos massif.

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The snow-covered Troodos massif, Cyprus

Visit and cultural discovery


Crete is not only a seaside resort, it is also a rich and very specific history and culture with notably its sites dating back to the Minoan period such as Knossos which remains the most famous. To this we can add several beautiful monasteries (Arkadi, Preveli…), some fortresses and beautiful old neighborhoods in cities like Chania.


As often in this part of the Mediterranean, historical and cultural testimonies are numerous. One can discover ancient vestiges (Choirokoitia, Kourion…), medieval buildings (Paphos center, Kolossi castle…), pretty little villages nestled in the mountains (among which those of Lefkara or Platres among the most famous), but also and above all the “famous” churches and monasteries, of which a group is classified as a world heritage site by Unesco, which can be found in particular in the Troodos.


Crete, like the rest of Greece, is a destination with a rich cultural heritage, essentially ancient, with the site of Knossos in the first place. However, Cyprus offers perhaps a little more in the number of sites and places to see as well as in their diversity.

Aghios Nikolaos, Crete
Aghios Nikolaos, Crete

Beaches and relaxing vacations


The sea, the beautiful beaches, the seaside resorts of the north coast and their animation, but also the hinterland, are as many motivations for the arrival each year (and especially summer) of hundreds of thousands of tourists in Crete. So, everything is there for the vacations…

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The beautiful beaches and seaside resorts of the Republic of Cyprus are numerous and renowned. They have long been the major tourist attraction of the country. In short, there is plenty of choice, with everything needed to delight those who love this kind of activity, even if it is true that July and August attract many people.
Quieter and less crowded, the interior, especially in the mountainous part of the island, also allows to spend pleasant relaxation-holidays of another kind.

The best…

As much one as the other. Crete and Cyprus have everything to please the amateurs of relaxation-holiday stays.

Balos beach, Crete

Weather, temperature, crowds : when to go to Cyprus or Crete ?

Logically enough, Crete and Cyprus have a Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers, which can sometimes turn out to be scorching in the interior plains, while the coasts, on the other hand, always or almost always have sea breezes which reduce the heat.
As for winters, they are relatively mild and accompanied by some rain, at least on the coast because in the mountainous areas of the interior these can be more severe with even snow.

As for the best time to visit, as is often the case, spring and especially autumn are good times. If only to avoid the heat in the summer and the crowds in some places along the coast, both in Cyprus and Crete, with the prices that go with it.

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For more information: tourisme-chypre.fr and www.incrediblecrete.gr