10 must-see sites in Sicily, the pearl of Italy

Why go to Sicily?

Beyond some clichés that sometimes have a hard life, the largest island of the Mediterranean is above all a land at the crossroads of history. Greeks, Arabs, Byzantines and others have left traces that can still be discovered here and there through the rich local heritage.
And if we add to this quite beautiful landscapes, including inland, some volcanoes among which Etna remains the most famous, remarkable islands (Aeolian, Egadi …) and a coastline that attracts, Sicily appears as a complete destination for all audiences …

Sicily and Unesco

With more than fifty sites listed as Unesco World Heritage Sites, Italy is the country in the world that has the most. Whether it is ancient remains, cities or natural sites, the choice is vast and deserves more than a glance.
Sicily alone has eight of them, including Etna, the Aeolian Islands, the necropolis of Pantalica, the Roman villa of Casale, the historic center of Syracuse, various monuments in Palermo, the Valley of the Temples and the Baroque towns of the Noto Valley.

What to see, what to do: the must-see places in Sicily


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This medium-sized town, capital of ceramics, is part of the “Baroque towns of the Noto Valley” classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site. It has, among other things, a beautiful “staircase street” covered with ceramics.


At the foot of Mount Etna, Catania is a lively economic and university center. The second city of Sicily, on the Ionian Sea, has a very nice urban center with many buildings and monuments, especially baroque, which earned it a Unesco inscription.


If with its beaches the city is the main seaside resort of Sicily, it also has a charming old center dominated by its cathedral listed by Unesco. Moreover, the setting of the town, wedged between the sea and an impressive rock, is quite remarkable.


Dominating Catania, the famous volcano – still active – with its lava fields is offered, when possible, to the discovery. Like many other sites in Sicily, it has been listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site for several years.


Aeolian Islands

Classified by Unesco, this archipelago of 17 islands (7 of which are inhabited) attracts more than 200,000 visitors per year. People come here for the beautiful landscapes and the volcanic activity.
The main islands: Lipari which is the largest (old town, beaches, diving, hiking), Vulcano (volcanic activity, treks, mud baths, beaches), Salina (hiking, beaches) and Stomboli (volcanic activity).

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In the heart of the valley of the same name, Noto has a superb baroque architecture of the eighteenth century that has earned it a Unesco listing along with seven other towns in the area. It is one of the most beautiful of this group.


With its beautiful architecture and religious heritage, the capital of Sicily offers a number of monuments, several of which are Unesco World Heritage Sites, and things to see in its center as well as its suburbs such as Monreale for its cathedral.

Regional Natural Park of the Madonie

Close to the sea in the vicinity of the city of Palermo, this easily accessible mountainous area of Sicily is rather wild. It has beautiful landscapes among which you can make pleasant hikes.


Here is a magnificent historic center classified as a Unesco heritage site and Greek remains for this very pleasant city on the east coast which is a “must” for any stay in Sicily.




Valley of the Temples

This is the archaeological area of the city of Agrigento which recalls its Greek origins. The site is home to magnificent Doric temples that are the reason for its inscription in Unesco.

Weather in Sicily

With its position in the south of Italy, Sicily enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild and humid winters and hot and very dry summers. Moreover, it is in summer that the famous Sirocco blows which is a very hot wind coming from the south. However, beyond these general characteristics, the climate in Sicily also varies according to the relief.
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