Where to go on a trip in November? 5 ideas of destinations close by and still pleasant

Temperatures are pleasant and airfare and hotel prices are generally lower than in high season. Here are our favorite travel destinations to go in November.

Where to go in November to get some sun?

In Europe, it is mainly the destinations of the south of the Mediterranean basin that will still offer you a reasonable amount of sunshine: Crete, Andalusia, Sicily, Malta are all destinations to study. Outside Europe, November is mainly the beginning of a very pleasant season to discover Asia and especially South-East Asia: Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia are at their best in November: not too hot, not too humid. But let’s focus on close and accessible destinations:

1. Going to France in November ?

Among the regions of France, it is becoming difficult to find a destination with a really pleasant climate. If the Cote d’Azur and Corsica offer beautiful days and are still largely sunny, the temperatures are starting to drop and a little wool is mandatory. Nevertheless, these two regions remain the ideal choice for a trip in November, to discover picturesque villages, long sandy beaches, but also an elaborate gastronomy and a nightlife still active as winter approaches.

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Bonifacio, Corsica

2. Crete

Tourists have more or less deserted Crete in November, and flight prices are very interesting, thus favoring small budgets and allowing short stays to discover this country which is both close to France and so exotic. Temperatures have of course cooled down a bit but the sun is still present, and you will be able to visit in good conditions, even if it will not be the ideal season to enjoy the beach.

A street in Crete
A street in Crete

3. Italy in November: Naples

November is one of the most favorable months to visit Naples: temperatures are around 20°C and even if there are some showers the conditions are very good for walks in the city. Less visited than Rome, Naples has more than a million inhabitants and its history spans 2800 years. Located on the Bay of Naples, it is built close to Vesuvius and its city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Naples and Vesuvius in the background
Naples and Vesuvius in the background

4. Malta

Discovering Malta in November means taking advantage of the low tourist season at low prices, both for flights and for all-inclusive stays, while enjoying a still satisfactory sunshine despite some isolated showers. Temperatures are mild and can reach 25°C at best, and at the beginning of the month you can still swim in water that is just starting to get a little cooler (between 20 and 22°C). Evenings are still pleasant and you can party in good conditions with your friends, for example in the district of Paceville where you will dance until dawn, while lunches are always taken on the terrace in the sun.

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Gozo, Malta
Gozo, Malta

5. A cruise on the Nile in Egypt

Taking a cruise on the Nile in November is an excellent choice for those who dream of romance, or who wish to have an unusual and unforgettable honeymoon. The climate at this time is very favorable, even if the evenings on the deck can be cool and require a little wool, especially if the north wind starts to blow; the days on the other hand are warm and sunny, without being scorching, and allow visits in good conditions.

A cruise on the Nile
A Cruise on the Nile