which island to choose for your trip ?

For a nature and adventure trip

Even if we often associate Mauritius with the beach and all-inclusive, a good part of the coastline or especially the southern region of the island offer a beautiful nature and pleasant landscapes with even here and there possibilities of hiking as in the forest park of Black River Gorges. This does not mean that Mauritius is an “adventure” destination.

In the category of sea and postcard beaches, the Seychelles are perhaps the closest thing to what we usually imagine. Sublime and unique landscapes, with in addition an underwater fauna and giant turtles which became one of the attractions of the archipelago.
On the other hand, the Seychelles are unquestionably to be classified among the “relaxation” destinations more than “adventure”.

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Cultural discovery

Mauritius is a country where different origins and religions mix. This is what creates this strong Mauritian identity which is to be discovered in everyday life or during festivals.
Beyond the populations to meet, the island also counts several interesting religious sites of which in first place Grand Bassin which is an important center of Hindu pilgrimage, plus here and there some small interesting museums.

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Seychelles is not really a destination for cultural travel. No strong traditions and, apart from the capital Victoria, few traces of the past.

Ganga Talao, Mauritius
Ganga Talao, Mauritius

Relaxation-holiday stays

Like the neighboring Seychelles, Mauritius has very well developed its tourist sector of relaxation-holidays, especially in all-inclusive. There too, especially on the north coast near Grand Bay, all the ingredients are present to satisfy the clientele. What’s more, at affordable rates and a good quality-price ratio…

This is of course the strong point of the destination, so much so that the archipelago can be described as the best in the world, or almost… if you have the means.

Honeymoon in the islands

A setting, very good hotel facilities, attractive prices and clientele. Mauritius is also a popular destination for honeymoons and even, for those interested, weddings on the spot.

Dreamy landscapes, turquoise sea, fine sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, everything is gathered here to offer a unique decor and environment for a romantic trip. Moreover, the Seychelles has developed this sector to the point of becoming a world reference…

Romantic trip to Seychelles
Romantic trip to the Seychelles

When to go to Mauritius or Seychelles?

More than the pleasant temperatures all year round, it is the humidity and the rainfall that define the best periods to visit the two archipelagos. Globally, these go from April-May to almost the end of the year.

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So which island to choose, Mauritius or Seychelles?

Even if we can find similarities between these two Indian Ocean destinations, Mauritius is still the most attractive in many areas, with a greater diversity of landscapes and a richer culture. And above all, the budget required, whatever the type of stay, is much lower than in the Seychelles.
Nevertheless, if you have the means and want to enjoy an exceptional trip in a romantic and luxurious seaside environment, the Seychelles is the place to go…