Discover New England, the birthplace of the USA

Where is New England ?

The “New England” are these six small states in the northeast of the USA, on the Canadian border. Cradle of America and of the American Revolution, this is where the history of what would one day become the United States of America began.
Beyond Boston, the great megalopolis, here is a rough land, of mountains and especially of woods, sparsely populated, and which is not very frequented by foreign tourists.

Which American states make up New England?

They are Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Is New England “representative” of the rest of the United States?

Unlike many other places in the country, New England’s population is growing only relatively slowly and is quite aging.
Conversely, the region is often seen as the most progressive, the most Democratic vs. Republican, the most “cultural, nerdy and open” in the United States. From the abolition of slavery, to gay marriage, to environmental protection, it has always been innovative.

In short, New England offers another vision of America, very far from what we can (unfortunately) see in many other states of the Union…

What to see or what to do according to the different states ?


Connecticut is one of those “suburban states” of New York City characterized by a high population density. Therefore, the activity and attractiveness are more residential than tourist, even if cities like New Haven and especially Hartford, its capital with its old neighborhood of Old Wethersfield, are pleasant.
As for the village of Mystic, on the Atlantic coast, it is known for its historic maritime heritage, while the Berkshire Mountains, in the north of the state, are known for their nature activities, primarily fishing, canoeing and hiking.

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Here is the quiet America on the borders of Canada, on its Atlantic front.
This state where nearly a quarter of the population is of French or Acadian origin is made for lovers of wilderness with its beautiful landscapes, its immense forests, its small mountains and its rocky coast.
Here, there are no cities to discover, but rather the coastline with what is called the Mid Coast, plus the Acadia National Park or the White Mountain forests for everything related to outdoor activities, from fishing to hiking through canoeing or skiing.

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Massachusetts is in the heart of New England with Boston, the historic city of America, the famous universities of Harvard and MIT, famous resorts such as Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, the island of Nantucket, not to mention a number of places that still refer to the beginnings of the United States of America such as Plymouth, Salem, Sturbridge or the Minute Man Historical Park which recalls the first battles of the war of independence.
And to enjoy nature, nothing better than the Berkshire Hills with their beautiful landscapes for hiking, fishing, rafting or canoeing.

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New Hampshire

North of Boston, New Hampshire is a “recreation area” for many locals and even those from farther afield seeking outdoor activities.
Here, in a setting of mountains, forests, lakes, and even the seashore beloved of some fiction writers, one can hike, bike, ski, fish, canoe, and other water activities. The Whites Mountains and Mount Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern U.S. at 6,000 feet, are among the most popular places to visit.

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Rhode Island

It is the smallest state in the Union (4 000 km2) and also one of the most densely urbanized and populated. We are here in the (distant) outskirts of Boston, with testimonies of the beginnings of the United States of America as in Providence, the capital of the state. Apart from that, the tourist interest of the region is completed by a rather pleasant seaside with first of all the seaside resort of Narragansett or the Block Island.
In another genre, it is also in Rhode Island that the famous jazz festival of Newport is held every year.

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Some relief, a lot of forests (75% of the territory !), very few people including tourists who are primarily locals, and a rural environment for this small New England state which is not well known.
It is logical then that this is a destination made primarily for nature and ecotourism lovers, both in summer and winter. Lake Champlain and especially the Green Mountains which gave their nickname to the state are the two main centers of interest not to be missed.

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Hiking in “New England

If there is one place in the USA where it is easy and pleasant to trek, it is this region !

With its immense forests, its countryside or its wild coastline, New England is logically a region appreciated by walkers. As soon as you get away from Boston and its highly urbanized surroundings, you will easily find a number of places and itineraries suitable for hiking. From short strolls to long multi-day hikes.

For this purpose, the Appalachian Trail is one of the most famous hiking trails with 3,500 km of trails in 14 states of the eastern USA. Started in Georgia, it ends in Maine and is one of the eleven recognized trails of the “National Scenic Trail existing in the country and allowing to walk in protected areas offering a beautiful setting. Another shorter one (220 km), the “New England National Scenic Trailis also part of this set.

Otherwise, many other places in the region also offer nice treks: the Berkshire Mountains (Connecticut and Massachusetts), Acadia National Park, Mount Washington and the White Mountains (Maine and/or New Hampshire), or the shores of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountain National Forest (Vermont).
In short, a wide choice for all tastes and all levels…

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What climate for New England?

New England has a harsh continental climate that is fairly rainy.
Winters are long, cold and snowy with daily averages often negative or close to 0°C between December and February. Moreover, the blizzard which often blows accentuates this feeling of cold.
On the other hand, the summers are pleasant but also wet with rain and storms which are at the origin of the green aspect of the region.
Between, both spring and autumn (and its famous “Indian summer”) are mild but also quite rainy.

It should be noted, however, that there are certain nuances between northern and southern New England. Thus, the region of Boston and below (Connecticut and Rhode Island) benefit from a slightly milder climate with shorter winters, less snow, lower temperatures and more sunshine. Similarly, summers are warmer.

When to go to New England ?

Unless one has decided to go to winter sports or to discover the region under the snow, the most pleasant time is from the end of May to the beginning of October when the temperatures are pleasant everywhere in the region.