Baja California or the other Mexico

Where is the peninsula of Baja California?

In the prolongation of California, the endless peninsula of Baja California is located in Mexico and extends on more than 1 200 km between Pacific and Sea of Cortes.

Sparsely populated, it offers remarkable landscapes, mixture of deserts, volcanoes and desolate coastline with here and there beautiful white sandy beaches that will delight lovers of open spaces. That’s why for several years, ecotourism has been developed there, especially at its southern end, in the Los Cabos region.
On the other hand, all the border part of the United States is dedicated to a festive tourism or shopping for an American public. This is where Tijuana is located, the most visited border city in the world…

10 destinations to visit in Baja California

Bahia Concepcion
It is a vast bay opening on the Sea of Cortes. The site is famous for its beautiful landscapes and its beaches.

Cabo San Lucas
It is a seaside resort at the tip of Baja California known for its beaches, diving, fishing and whale watching. With its neighbor San Jose del Cabo, they form the municipality of Los Cabos.

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Ensenada is a port city on the Pacific Ocean, used to cruise ships. It is also in the center of the “Costa Dorada” where you can surf, canoe, swim and hike in nature.

Islands of the Gulf of California
There are 244 islands (plus the coastline) appreciated for their landscapes and the diversity of their marine fauna, including whales and dolphins.

La Paz
The capital of Baja California, near the classified islands of the Gulf of California, is known for its beaches, snorkeling, whale watching and incidentally its animation. It is also a starting point to cross the Sea of Cortes by ferries or small boats.

San Ignacio
Here is a small oasis in the south of the Baja California peninsula with a beautiful mission dating from the colonial era.

Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino
Classified by Unesco, this site, both marine and terrestrial, is the wintering place of gray whales as well as other species such as sea lions or turtles.

Sierra de San Francisco
It is a group of caves of the Sierra de San Francisco registered in the world heritage of the Unesco. They contain cave paintings considered among the most beautiful in the world.

Sierra de San Pedro Martir
It is a long mountain range of this peninsula of Baja California in which you can make beautiful hikes

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Bordering California, the city receives 300,000 people daily from the United States who come for business, shopping or simply to party.

A street in Tijuana
A street in Tijuana

What is the climate and weather in Baja California ?

In Baja California, as in the northern part of Mexico, the landscape is deserted and strewn with cactus or rare vegetation. Whether you are by the sea or on the road in the interior, the heat is overwhelming in the summer, although the nights are a little cooler at higher altitudes. As for the winter, it is pleasant.
Everywhere precipitation is low and it is just the period July-September that brings some rain sometimes violent. And for more details it is here…

When to go to Baja California?

As for the best time to visit and the climate, it is above all March-April and October-November which are to be preferred, even if October-May is not really unpleasant in spite of some winter coolness in altitude. On the other hand, June-September is really too hot, especially of course in the desert areas.