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Weather today

max. 40 °C
min. 30 °C

Wind: 2 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 3,1 mm
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Data updated at 09:56 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Overcast 33 °C / Overcast

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When to go to Hanoi? (Vietnam)

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What to do in Hanoi : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

HanoiThe capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is built on the Red River delta and has a population of over three and a half million. It is impressive by its sheer size and the specialisation of the different quarters for the sale of different products. It has a number of interesting sites and places; The Pagoda of the Ravens (or Temple of Literature), the Pagoda of the Single Pillar, the History Museum, the Opera House, the Saint Joseph Cathedral, the small lake and the large lake, the colonial villas along the Phan Dinh Phung road, the Ho Chi Minh Museum and the mausoleum of President Ho Chi Minh are particularly worth a visit. Hanoi represents the historical heart of the country and a visit to the old town should not be missed, in particular a visit to the ‘Quarter of 36 roads’. However to fully appreciate Hanoi you need to see and understand its unique character and ambiance which will not fail to captivate you when you travel around the city on foot, or bicycle, or using rickshaws which are very popular here. Do try the local food from the many street stands found throughout the city. For accommodation there is a wide range of possibilities to suit all tastes and all budgets.


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