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America > Brazil > Rio de Janeiro: Weather, Climate and Travel Guide


Weather today

max. 26 °C
min. 22 °C

Wind: 1 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
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Data updated at 11:44 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Clear 24 °C / Clear

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When to go to Rio de Janeiro? (Brazil)

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What to do in Rio de Janeiro : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

Rio de JaneiroMegalopolis of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is the country’s second largest city and has more than six million inhabitants, over eleven million if the entire agglomeration is taken into account. A popular tourist destination, the city is famous worldwide for its carnival and certain sites such as the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, the Sugarloaf with its extraordinary panorama, or the statue of Christ the Redeemer which dominates the Corcovado. It experiences a typical tropical climate. Served by three airports, one of them international, it also has two subway lines, and the ferry is also a popular means of transport with the residents. You will discover several sites worth visiting in addition to those already mentioned; Guanabara Bay with its two forts which compose its entry, Pedra da Gávea mountain overlooking the beaches below and from where you can enjoy paragliding, the Santa Teresa district with its maze of cobbled streets, the spectacular and gigantic Tijuca Forest in the middle of the city with many species of plants and its historical sites, and botanical gardens. You can also visit the many museums owned by the city, such as the National Historical Museum and Library, and the Museum of Fine Arts with works by Italian, Flemish, Spanish and English painters. Some monuments are definitely worth visiting including the church of Nossa Senhora da Gloria, the Monastery of Sao Bento and Sao Sebastiao Cathedral. You can find hotels in all price ranges, and you should not miss tasting the local specialties such as feijoada cozido in one of the many city restaurants.

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