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Middle East > Syria: Covid-19 and Travel


Warning: high risk destination.

Present Situation

Total cases: 31 741

Active cases: 6 271

Recovered: 23 298

Deaths: 2 172

Vaccination count: 285 087

Current trend: Flattening

Data updated on 2021-09-24

Cumulative coronavirus cases

Summary of the situation

Are the borders open to travellers? Partially Allowed
Is a test required to enter the country?
Test not required
Are quarantine measures imposed? Oui
Is the country in lockdown? Partiellement
Is wearing a mask mandatory?
Masks are not required

Provisions for travellers

Entry to the territory: Partially Allowed
Some routes into and out of Syria are totally or partially closed.

Some international commercial flights to and from Damascus International Airport are now operational.

Land crossings to neighboring countries are largely closed, with some exceptions e.g. crossings being permitted for commerce and certain individuals only. Crossings between areas controlled by the Syrian regime and those controlled by non-regime forces are largely closed. Further restrictions, including border closures, may be introduced without notice.

Tests: Test not required

Quarantine: Yes
Quarantine not required

Information updated on 2021-09-23.

Action taken in the country

Lockdown: Partial
Most businesses and other facilities are now allowed to be open in Syria with social distancing measures in place.

Closures vary by region and are subject to change at any time.

The use of face masks in public places is encouraged.

Mask use
Masks are not required

Gatherings: Banned

Restaurants and bars: Delivery/Takeout only

Shops: Open

Tourist attractions: Closed


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