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Weather today

max. 26 °C
min. 22 °C

Wind: 7 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
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Data updated at 07:13 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Clear 22.9 °C / Clear

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When to go to Manama? (Bahrain)

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What to do in Manama : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

ManamaThe island's capital of Bahrain, Manama is located northeast of the country and has 155 000 inhabitants, representing a quarter of the total population. For centuries, the largest city of the island has intense economic activity, but today is petroleum refining that is ahead of its resources, and shipbuilding (the dhows, traditional boats ) and harvesting of beads. Very attached to its traditions, the city is nonetheless open and internationally oriented. The city experiences a desert-like climate, and temperatures can reach 50 ° C in summer, while in winter they do not drop below 15 ° C. Despite this, the city receives many travelers, and offers some tourist landmarks: the National Museum, which is the largest and oldest in the country, which is devoted to archeology, reflecting 6,000 years history, but also the culture of the 20th century, and the flora and fauna; the Pearl Square, the crossroads at the center of the city where the eponymous monument stands is; the door of Bahrain, with its immense arch, which symbolizes the entrance in the souk; House of the Koran, which brings together a unique collection of manuscripts of the Koran from diverse backgrounds between the 1st century and nowadays; the souk, well-preserved old market stalls where traditional and modern shops mingle; the Great Mosque, which can hold 7,000 worshipers; without forgetting the Portuguese fort, with its square towers and high walls, classified by UNESCO. Travel in Manama are mainly by car, except if you walk in the souk. But the heat does not allow long walks.


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