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When to go to Kyoto? (Japan)

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What to do in Kyoto : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

KyotoCity of Japan, which it was the capital for centuries, Kyoto now has about 1.5 million inhabitants. Located on the island of Honshu, the city is surrounded by mountains, and enjoys a humid subtropical climate with often sweltering summers and mild winters. Kyoto is the cultural center of the country, with its hundreds of temples, palaces and gardens, and many of its sites are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Tourism plays a large part in the economy of the city. To access, Kansai International Airport is just over an hour from Kyoto, which is also served by the train (Tokyo-Osaka) and by road. To move in the city itself, subways, buses and trams are very convenient, but the bike is also very successful. There is plenty to see in Kyoto, whose traditional culture brings a very special dimension to the ambience of the city, which did not prevent him from being at the forefront of modernity. We can not mention all the sites, but here are a few significant examples: the Nijo-jo castle and the 16 temples and shrines chosen as World Heritage of UNESCO, the Gion geisha district with its shopping street Shinhyogoku with its souvenir shops, the Shosei-en Garden, you can see just as well in spring with cherry blossoms in autumn with glowing maple trees, or flowery summer by water lilies and iris, market chip Kobo-san held the 21st of each month, the Imperial Palace, Nishiki Food Market, Gion Corner, theater offering demonstrations of traditional Japanese arts specific 7 of the city, the National Museum, the Costume Museum of ... You can also try your hand at activities such as tea ceremony and flower arrangement, or discover the kabuki theater. Kyoto is full of wonders and discoveries of occasions, and even solutions \ hosting can be a source of wonder, if you choose, for example, accommodation in a temple. But you have the right to prefer sleeping in in a classic Western hotel! Ditto for the restoration promises to be an unforgettable experience, as the food is refined and varied ... Kyoto: a stay you will not soon forget, and that is sure to fill your senses.


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