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Weather today

max. 30 °C
min. 24 °C

Wind: 3 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 11,3 mm
> Full report and 7-days forecast
Data updated at 22:12 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Overcast 27.7 °C / Overcast

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When to go to Kuala Lumpur? (Malaysia)

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What to do in Kuala Lumpur : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

Kuala LumpurThe capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has around 1.5 million inhabitants. Situated at the confluence of two waterways, it was built in the jungle in the 19th Century following the discovery of tin deposits. Highly urbanised today, it is connected to Singapore by a motorway and several railway lines cross the city. It is also served by an international airport. Its fascination comes from a very strong contrast between its modernism and its poverty, and the paradox offered by the traditions of this oriental city that boasts so many futuristic buildings. You will easily find the most famous building of the country, the famous twin towered Petronas building that is higher than the Empire State building and is home to a gigantic and luxurious shopping mall. However do not miss visits to the Royal Palace, the Kuala Lumpar Menara Tower with its magnificent panoramic view over the city, the old train station with its unusual Moorish Indian architecture, and the Batu Cave Grotto, a place of pilgrimage for Hindus that is accessible by a long staircase. Enjoy a promenade in Merdeka Square where you can see the oldest church of the country, visit the vividly coloured Tien Ho Chinese temple that is constantly growing from the gifts of its supporters, and stroll in the Chinese quarters filled with mouth watering aromas from its many food stalls. You will be able to find accommodation easily in this city that offers a wide range to suit all budgets.


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