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Asia > East Timor: Covid-19 and Travel

East Timor

Present Situation

Total cases: 22 95

Active cases: 8

Recovered: 22 809

Deaths: 133

Vaccination count: 166 148

Current trend: Declining

Data updated on 2022-06-26

Cumulative coronavirus cases

Summary of the situation

Are the borders open to travellers? Partially Allowed
Is a test required to enter the country?
Test not required
Are quarantine measures imposed? Sous conditions
Is the country in lockdown? Partiellement
Is wearing a mask mandatory?
 • Masks are required in public spaces
 • Masks are required in public transport

Provisions for travellers

Entry to the territory: Partially Allowed
Fully vaccinated travellers may enter Timor-Leste without prior approval.

A negative COVID-19 test is not required. However, airlines and transit points to Timor-Leste may still require a negative COVID-19 test before boarding or entering those areas. Travelers are advised to research carrier and transit country COVID-19 test requirements.

Individuals showing symptoms of COVID-19 upon arrival to Timor-Leste, regardless of vaccination status, will be subject to PCR testing at the airport and given instructions on mandatory therapeutic isolation.

Those not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are required to quarantine for 10 days in facilities approved by the Ministry of Health. Those tested must be cleared by the Ministry of Health before they will be authorized to leave quarantine. Individuals should maintain good communication with the Ministry of Health to confirm their specific quarantine exit requirements.

Individuals able to demonstrate full vaccination against COVID-19 may be exempted from mandatory quarantine upon arrival. However, fully vaccinated travelers presenting COVID-19 symptoms upon arrival will be subject to PCR testing and will receive specific information about their mandatory therapeutic isolation period.

Exceptions to the GoTL order requiring individuals entering Timor-Leste to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 may be granted for health reasons. Travelers unable to complete full COVID-19 vaccination for health reasons should carry a letter of justification from their doctor to present to health authorities upon arrival.

Tests: Test not required

Quarantine: Depends
Quarantine is required for some travelers.

Information updated on 2022-06-24.

Action taken in the country

Lockdown: Partial
The Government of Timor-Leste (GoTL) has imposed temporary measures in response to COVID-19 until July 17, 2022.

Preventative measures, such as wearing a protective mask, regular hand washing, and maintaining at least one meter from others who do not live in the same household, are in place.

Services are generally available but may be limited by COVID-19 restrictions.

Mask use
Masks are required in public spaces
Masks are required in public transport

Gatherings: Partially Allowed
Allowed with restrictions.

Restaurants and bars: Open with restrictions

Shops: Open

Tourist attractions: Open


Où et quand partir - When and Where to Go - Wohin und wann reisen - Dónde y cuándo salir - Dove e quando partire - Onde e quando partir