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America > Colombia: Covid-19 and Travel


Present Situation

Total cases: 4.9 millions

Active cases: 35 601

Recovered: 4.8 millions

Deaths: 125 826

Vaccination count: 24.7 millions

Current trend: Declining

Data updated on 2021-09-18

Cumulative coronavirus cases

Summary of the situation

Are the borders open to travellers? Partially Allowed
Is a test required to enter the country?
Not Required
Are quarantine measures imposed? Non
Is the country in lockdown? Partiellement
Is wearing a mask mandatory?
 • Masks are required in public transport
 • Masks are required in public spaces

Provisions for travellers

Entry to the territory: Partially Allowed
Colombia is allowing the entry of foreign citizens except Brazil and India.

Colombia no longer requires travellers to show a negative COVID-19 PCR test result to enter the country.

For detailed information click here https://capturetheatlas.com/is-colombia-open-for-travel/

Tests: Not Required

Quarantine: No
Not Required

Information updated on 2021-08-31.

Action taken in the country

Lockdown: Partial
The health emergency has been extended until 31 August 2021.

The use of masks is mandatory when using public transport and in public spaces.

Large gatherings (of over 50 people) are prohibited.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in open spaces.

Regional, departmental and city authorities may be implementing local measures, including restrictions based on gender and/or identification numbers, curfews and lockdowns. During Easter, further measures may be imposed depending on ICU occupancy rates. Certain measures for local curfews, quarantined municipalities (Bogota and elsewhere) are being introduced at short notice. You should check official guidance from the relevant local authority (please see websites for key cities below) as well as national COVID-19 regulations and updates by MinSalud (Ministry of Health):

-Barranquilla (https://www.barranquilla.gov.co/)
-Bogota (https://bogota.gov.co/)
-Cali (https://www.cali.gov.co/)
-Cartagena (https://www.cartagena.gov.co/ )
-Medellín (https://medellin.gov.co/)
-Santa Marta (https://www.santamarta.gov.co/)

Mask use
Masks are required in public transport
Masks are required in public spaces

Gatherings: Partially Allowed
Events of more than 50 people banned

Restaurants and bars: Open with restrictions

Shops: Open

Tourist attractions: Open


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