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Weather today

Light Rain
max. 41 °C
min. 23 °C

Wind: 4 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0,3 mm
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Data updated at 20:58 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Mostly Cloudy 30.2 °C / Mostly Cloudy

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When to go to Belmopan? (Belize)

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What to do in Belmopan : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

BelmopanAfter the partial destruction of a cyclone Belize City, Belmopan Belize became the capital in 1961. Located in the center of the country, this city of 20,000 inhabitants is built on the banks of the Belize River and the Mopan River, one of its tributaries. It can be reached by plane from Belize City or San Pedro, but flights are rare, and the most common way to get there is by bus, which connects the capital to many destinations. In the city, you easily will circulate on foot or by bike, or by taxi for longer trips, unless you prefer to rent a car: in this case, be careful because the roads are damaged when the season rains. You can find hotels for every budget, although the hotel facilities is not very important. What he has to do in Belmopan? The city offers some remarkable sites, but it is however very well placed to visit many places in the vicinity. However, you can discover with pleasure the Archaeological Museum with its collection of Mayan objects, stroll in the municipal market where tropical fruits broadcast their sweet smells and bright colors. Do not miss the building of the National Assembly whose architecture was modeled on that of a Mayan temple. Close to Balmopan visit Guanacaste National Park, with its hectares of mango trees, orchids and ferns, and its specific vegetation, Guanacaste (one of the tallest trees in the Americas), home to deer, but armadillos and kinkajous and tarantulas ... Nearby is the Blue Hole National Park, with its caves, some of which are home to the remains of the Mayan civilization. Another site, the Sanctuary Wildlife Monkey Bay, which flows the Sibun River on which one can navigate by canoe, and where savanna and rainforest are home to many species of birds as well as pumas, jaguars, tapirs and crocodiles. From there, go to the archaeological site of Caracol, which gathers the most important Mayan ruins in the country.


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