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When to go to Asuncion? (Paraguay)

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What to do in Asuncion : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

Asuncion The capital of Paraguay, Asuncion is also the cultural and industrial centre of this country with a population of around 600,000 although the entire agglomeration has over two million inhabitants. A very old South American city, it possesses numerous interesting places to visit relative to its past including the Godoi Museum, the Church of the Incarnation, Trinity Church, the Presidential Palace, the National Pantheon, the cathedral, the Anthropological Museum of Dr Andres Barbero, the Indian Museum, the Botanical Gardens, and of course the President Carlos Antonio Lopez Station where you can see old steam trains that are still working to this day. The Post Office is also a place well worth a look. The atmosphere of the city has a certain nostalgia to it; along the river banks can be seen ancient buildings in pastel colours and with typically curved windows. Wandering around the cobbled streets of the city the houses are protected with decorative grills of forged iron and sit around shaded squares. Everything conveys a certain charm although the city cannot be simply called a normal tourist centre.
Paraguayan capital, Asuncion is also the cultural and industrial center of the country.

It has about 600,000 inhabitants, but the town as a whole reaches over two million people.

Ancient city in South America, it has some interesting sites, relics of its past history: the museum Godoi, the Encarnación church, the Church of La Trinidad, the Presidential Palace, the National Pantheon, the Cathedral, the anthropological museum of Dr. Andres Barbero, the Indian Museum, Botanical Gardens, not to mention President Carlos Antonio Lopez Railway Station where you can discover ancient steam trains still operating. The Post itself represents an outdated place that leaves no one indifferent.

The atmosphere of the city is imbued with a certain nostalgia found along the river of old buildings in pastel shades and corbelled windows typical. You can also stroll around comfortably inside the city at the mercy of narrow cobbled streets, past the houses protected by iron railings, and shaded squares. The whole gives off a certain charm, although one can not describe the city of attraction itself.


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