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Middle East > Jordan > Amman: Weather, Climate and Travel Guide


Weather today

max. 34 °C
min. 19 °C

Wind: 6 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
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Data updated at 13:23 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Clear 34.1 °C / Clear

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When to go to Amman? (Jordan)

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What to do in Amman : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

AmmanThe capital of Jordan, Amman has just over 2 million inhabitants. It represents one of the oldest cities in the world still lived in to this day. Built on 19 hills, the name of each is reflected in the name of each quarter of the city. Located between the desert and the Jordan Valley, this city offers a fascinating combination of modernity and traces of antiquity. In the city centre you will the lively souk and the oldest Mosque in the city. The Citadel, on one of the hills, has Roman parts such as the Temple of Hercules, and Byzantine sections, other parts date from the Bronze Age. There is also the 6,000 place Roman amphitheatre originally built in the 2nd Century which is still used today for various spectacles and events. Do not miss visiting the gigantic mosque of King Abdullah the First, built in the 80s, with its superb blue mosaic dome. You may also wish to visit Amman to discover the area where Jesus was baptised in the Jordan, the banks of the Dead Sea, the Roman city of Gherasa and the famous and sumptuous historical site of Petra.


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