ten places to visit in Phuket

With its white sandy beaches, its nightlife, its diving spots, its varied landscapes, its fishing villages, Phuket is the most famous seaside resort-island of Thailand with, in return, a mass tourism in some places and prices accordingly.

Phuket, Phuket or Phuket?

Phuket… everyone has already heard about this place.
Except that the name designates as well the Phuket province which is essentially the island of Phuket, Ko Phuketthat the capital of the latter which is obviously called… Phuket.

Where is Phuket located in Thailand ?

The island-province of Phuket is located almost 900 km south of Bangkok, on the western coast of this endless peninsula that descends towards Malaysia.
50 km long and 20 km wide, Phuket is the largest Thai island in the Andaman Sea.

What to see or do in Phuket ?

Phuket Aquarium
About ten kilometers south of the capital, the place is recognized as well on the tourist level as for the marine research.

Big Buddha
As its name suggests, this is the “Big Buddha of Phuket”. It is a big statue (45 meters high) of Buddha perched on a hill in the south of the island. From there, we have a beautiful panorama on the surroundings.

Cape Promthep
At the southern tip of Phuket, the place has become very (too?) popular with visitors for its sunsets and its view.

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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Quite touristy, the sanctuary allows to discover and follow the elephants in their environment.

Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Sanctuary
Without being exceptional, this forest site with its waterfall and its natural pools allows to make a beautiful “nature walk”.

On the west coast, Patong with its beaches and its numerous hotels is famous for its animation (mainly at night) and its shopping possibilities.

Small islands in the south of Phuket
In the south of Phuket, you can discover many small islands, more or less inhabited, suitable for diving or simply for relaxing. Most of them are only accessible by boat or charter boat from Chalong Bay.

Phuket (City)
Capital, it is where the majority of the population of the province resides. At the tourist level, Phuket City has a historical district whose Sino-Portuguese architecture shows its past splendor. One can also visit various temples, two museums dedicated to local history, as well as several animal sites (zoo, birds, butterflies, crocodiles).

The locality is known as the “gypsies of the sea”. Beaches and water activities are in its surroundings.

Wat Chalong
It is the main Buddhist temple of Phuket. The complex, consisting of several buildings and gardens, is quite visited.

The pleasant beaches of Phuket

Phuket Island has many beaches, mainly on its west coast, which remain for many visitors the main attraction of the province.

Bang Tao beach
It is one of the longest of the island with also one of the principal hotel complexes of Phuket.

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A long beach north of Patong, rather quiet, with among other things surfing possibilities.

A long and vast beach (5 km) on a background of hotel complexes appreciated in particular by families. It is one of the main seaside areas of the island.

Kata beach
In fact two beaches and possibilities of nautical activities including diving.

Laem Sing
Not far from Surin, this pretty beach offers all the “activities and services” that tourists can expect without being the most frequented of the island.

Mai Khao
This is a beach near the airport.

Nai Harn
This is a small and quiet beach surrounded by hills not far from Cape Promthep.

Nai Thon
With its neighbor Nai Yang, these are two quiet places in the northern part of Phuket.

The lively and festive city of Phuket also has several beaches (Kalim, Paradise…).

Surin beach
The small village and its superb beach are now a rather chic place with the prices that go with it.

And in the surroundings of Phuket ?

Two sites around Phuket remain “must-sees” for any visit to this region of Thailand. To know :

Phang Nga Bay
Between Phuket and Krabi, the town of Phang Nga is famous for its bay which is one of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. This unique bay is made up of countless limestone peaks and caves that can be discovered during boat or sea kayak trips.

Ko Phi Phi
These are in fact two islands, Ko Phi Phi Don (the largest, inhabited) and its dependency Ko Phi Phi Leh (deserted), which form an eponymous national park. The whole is very touristic with diving, postcard beaches and high cliffs that can be climbed.

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Weather and climate in Phuket

The climate of Phuket and its region is tropical and closely linked to its geographical position near the equator. This one limits the effects of the monsoon with thus seasons less marked than in the rest of Thailand.
The temperatures are very homogeneous throughout the year with an average of between 25 and 30 ° C.
As for the rain and the monsoon period, Phuket has a dry season which runs from December to March and a wet season the rest of the time. It is the dry season which remains the best for the visit.
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