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Europe > France > Parc Asterix: Weather, Climate and Travel Guide


Weather today

max. 25 °C
min. 15 °C

Wind: 5 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
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Data updated at 00:56 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Clear 15.7 °C / Clear

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When to go to Parc Asterix? (France)

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What to do in Parc Asterix : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

Parc AsterixTheme park located in the Oise about 30 km from Paris, Parc Asterix was founded in 1989 and its attractions declines in the world of comic book heroes of Uderzo and Goscinny, which gives it its name. Near Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport (located 10 km), it is also easily accessible from the A1 motorway and the metro coupled with a shuttle service. The park has forty attractions, some for the whole family, others specifically for children, others for older, but also shows and animations. Some examples of thrill rides: the Zeus Thunder that takes you through a journey to 30 meters high and 80 km / h; the galley and strong pitching makes you curl the sinking; flying chairs and incessant whirl. Children, however, can choose between many options: Aérodynamix, the machine that flies through the pedaling his small passenger; the Playground Little Oak where visiting small Gallic huts; Petits Chars bumper, and many more ... You can also discover different special effects and stunts through live performances that will make you feel all sorts of emotions: the match between Gauls and Romans, visiting the Village Gaulois where to meet your heroes, Panoramix laboratory that will test you to magical potions! Several restaurants are in the park, but only one hotel you can access on foot, the Hotel des Trois Hiboux. The others are a little further away from the park. There are many input methods but if you want to buy a ticket reservation and with flexible dates, it will cost you 47


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