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Weather today

max. 28 °C
min. 18 °C

Wind: 3 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
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Partly Cloudy 27.9 °C / Partly Cloudy

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When to go to Ohrid? (Macedonia)

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What to do in Ohrid : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

OhridCity in south-western Macedonia, Ohrid has just over 55 000 inhabitants with the surrounding villages. tourist capital of the country but still unspoiled by mass tourism, it has natural and historical sites of interest, and its position on the North Shore of Lake, 700 meters above sea level, adds to its appeal, thanks to its beaches and harbor. You can for example admire the fortress of Samuel, which dominates the old city and of which only the Upper Gate remains intact today; small Byzantine churches that dot the city; St. Sophia Cathedral, the 11th century, with its stunning medieval frescoes, built in the 11th century; the beautiful amphitheater; the city beaches on the lake with clear water; St. Clement monastery, dating from the 10th century; former Neolithic village of Trpejca completely rebuilt on stilts; the market, the picturesque atmosphere; the steep streets and so peaceful in the old town; jewelers shopping street where you can buy the famous Ohrid pearls. The city also houses one of the last printing of Gutenberg, and you can get to know the history of papermaking and the printing techniques. Ohrid is accessed by bus or train from Skopje, the capital, but also by air through the airport St. Paul the Apostle, north of the city. To get around town, the bike is used, but you can also take a taxi or rent a car.


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